Romance Club Mod Menu APK

Romance Club MOD Menu APK – These are the best mod menus apks with descriptions, so you can pick the one that you like


Romance Club Mod Menu APK Mod 1

This mod is probably the most comprehensive. Here’s a look at what it contains.


  • All premium options are now free (uncomprehensible symbols will be added after some elections).

Official Download Link > Here (Choose Mod 1)

Use the mod at your own risk

It is not possible to authorize via Facebook or Google Play Games.

Romance Club Mod Menu APK Mod 2

This mod is very complete. Here’s a look at what it contains.

  • After some choices, you will be offered free premium options (incomprehensible characters)
  • After clicking the bottom left button, you can receive free crystals and coffee from the main menu. This happens about once per week. You will need to wait a bit before receiving your first receipt.
  • Click on the Settings button in the upper right corner to get free diamonds.
  • Disabled display ads
  • You must unlock the FX setting on all devices (operability with unsupported devices cannot be guaranteed).

Official Download Link > Here (Choose Mod 2)


Use the mod at your own risk

It is not possible to authorize via Facebook or Google Play Games.

Romance Club

Be a part of a story that you love and become a character! You have the option to choose:

  • Choose your look and style
  • Romance: Cute, Sexy or Both? Are you bold or shy? Boy or girl?
  • What happens next? There are many endings to every story!
  • Drama, fantasy, horror, adventure and other forms of drama.
  • Dozens more original stories are in the works.

What story will you choose to try first?

  • Dracula: A Love Story. – Discover a romance that spans centuries: palace secrets from the Ottoman Empire, love at the roya …..
  • Heaven’s Secret: You died and went… to the Angels and Demons Academy. Satanic lecturers, angelic lovers, and the temptation of breaking ….
  • Chasing you – A family gathering becomes a crime scene and the race is on for the guilty party to be caught.
  • The Heart of Trespia: Today you will ascend the throne at Trespia. All is not what it seems. You are about to embark on a journey full of danger, love and betrayal
  • Legend of the Willow – On the day of your geisha initiation, you discover a supernatural secret which changes everything. Now, you’re….
  • Gladiator Chronicles: A young gladiator is forced into slavery by New Rome’s intergalactic empire. His fate is in jeopardy. Are you ready to rise to the ….?