Rubber Bandits Achievements Guide

Rubber Bandits Achievements guide – All achievements and guides (step-by-step tutorials and videos guides) that will unlock all achievements


For the complete list of achievements and descriptions, see the Solutions section. To unlock them all, you can also check the Tutorials section.


Rubber Bandits Achievements guide – Full list

  • Clean sweep: Get out of the level using 10 dollar stacks in multiplayer.
  • Top: Win an Heist game
  • Last Man Standing – Win a game in Brawl
  • Oceans One – Complete Arcade Mode to show you are the master of theft
  • Thank You: Take a thrown item in mid-air 10 times
  • Inhuman Reactions : Parry 10 Times. Excellent timing!
  • A Successful Escape: Get out of a level with money
  • Hail Mary – Hit a player from far with a thrown object. They won’t notice it coming
  • Dead Weight – Knock out another player by throwing a downed person. Sharing is caring, after all
  • Bye Birdie – Hit all the seagulls sitting in the Docks at Riptide Raid Level to be subject to the wrathful gulls
  • Getting Slick Win 5 Heist Games
  • Mastermind – Win 10 Heist games
  • Robbers’ Best Friend: Leave a level with your diamond
  • Greed Is Good: Get out with 10 dollars ten times. That’s a lot of money.
  • Super Cop – Take down three robbers in one level. Do you consider yourself a robocop?
  • Outclassed – Win a game with no other robbers having more than 10 dollars. You deserve it all!
  • Gone In 3 Rounds – Win a Heist Game in Only 3 Rounds to Prove Your Illegal Superiority
  • Anger Issues – Break 100 Things!
  • Striking gold: Get out of a level with a golden bar

Rubber Bandits Achievements Guide Tutorials

  • Clean Sweep – Use two controllers, each one linked to a different account, and play heist. Finish the level by grabbing 110 dollars together with your main player.
  • Top: Solo offline is simpler
  • Last man standing: Use 2 controllers. To change from brawling, drop down and go to the toilet.
  • Oceans One – Complete all 26 levels
  • Thank You: Hold down B, and your opponent will throw an object at you. You should catch it automatically
  • Inhuman Reactions: Have your opponent throw an object at you, and you must hit the item from midair with a weapon.
  • A Successful Escape: This can be done in a solo heist and you will just leave with the money
  • Hail Mary: Pick up items by pressing the B button. You can then throw them away by holding B and releasing
  • Dead weight: (Brawl Mode exclusive) Knock an opponent out, pick them up with the B button > Throw them at another opponent to knock them out
  • Bye Birdie : 1st lower right side of map > 2nd top-right side of map > 3rd highest left side.
  • Getting Slick is simpler offline
  • Mastermind: Solo offline is simpler
  • The Robber’s Best Friend – On the last level of arcade mode, the money is a jewel. Grab it and get out
    To open the door, you must eliminate all guards
  • Greed Is Good: Solo heists are simpler
  • Super Cop – Go to “Heist”, setup 4 controllers (teams are not necessary), and load into the first map. Wait for the exit door to open, then take your buddy P1 and go. After the exit opens, you will be spawned as a cop wearing a taser. The achievement should pop if you knock out the 3 other characters.
  • Outclassed: win a solo heist
  • Gone in 3 Rounds: win a solo heist
  • Anger Problems: Do it!
  • Striking gold: Certain levels will feature gold bars in place of cash

Video Guide

If you need additional help with any achievement, check out this video guide by Achievement Land