Rune Factory 5 Elsje Gifts

Rune Factory Elsje Gifts: Loved, Liked. Neutral. Disliked. & Hated Gifts. Designed to increase affection and unlock Dating Quests


To increase love and to unlock the doors to romance, give the Most Loved & Liked gifts


Rune Factory 5 Elsje Gifts – Loved & Enjoyed

Give the most loved gifts once per day to increase affection.

  • Loved gifts: Chocolate Sponge and Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Pancakes, and Cheesecake
  • Favorite Gifts: Chocolates, French Toasts, Yam of the Ages. Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies. Yam, Apple Pie. Flan. Grape Liqueur. Sandwich, Fruit Sandwich. Onigiri. Salmon Onigiri. Salad. Bread. Toast.
  • Neutral Gifts: All items that are not in the previous categories
  • Liked Gifts: All Other Seeds, Objects X, Trash
  • Hated Gifts: Gold Turnip seeds, Gold Cabbage seeds

We put all our likes aside, but you only care about the Loved or Liked. The Neutral and Disliked do not add anything. Your relationship with Elsje will be even worse if they are Hated and Hated.

Elsje’s birthday RF5

Elsje’s birthday falls on Winter 29

Rune Factory 5 Elsje Gifts: How to Give Gifts

Talk to Elsje about the item > Go to inventory > Choose the item > Give the gift

Gifts are only effective for one day. If you don’t want to give the same gift the next day, it won’t have any effect on your character affection.


Additional Gifts Guides

  • Bachelorettes: Beatrice, Fuuka, Lucy, Ludmila, Priscilla, Scarlett
  • Bachelors: Cecil Lucas, Martin Murakumo Reinhard, Ryker
  • Villagers: Livia. Simone. Terry. Radea. Misasagi. Darroch. Hina. Julian. Randolph. Yuki. Heinz. Palmo.


Rigbarth’s owner and Priscilla’s older sister. Though she thinks that doing anything is too difficult, she is an able-bodied force who can be relied upon when she feels like it.

Elsje, the older sister to Priscilla, runs a restaurant. She is a clear thinker and has clear dislikes. Elsje is naturally gifted when she does something.