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Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Recruitment Units

All of these are the ways to recruit units to Sands in Salzaar:

1Outposts Village Elders

Each region has outposts in which you can find lower-tier units, such as farmers, by talking to the village elder. It costs 150 Utars to sign up and you must wait x1 week before recruiting from the outpost in the next. If you wish to recruit units of higher level at that outpost, boost your status by partnering with the specific outpost.

2. Mercenary Captains – Remain


The Keep is the main outpost where you can hire units from there after speaking with the captain of mercenary. Prices differ, but they are usually higher as units are superior

3 Random Events

There are chances to acquire units as you explore or engage in combat. Also , when you interact with certain buildings and tents

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Heal Units

These are the various methods to recruit units to Sands in Salzaar:

1 White Rose Potions


Based upon the amount of White Rose it will heal in a different amount

  1. Hit the party button at the lower right of the screen, or press the hotkey “P” as default.
  2. Click on the injured team
  3. Then click the Restore button located at the bottom of your screen.

If you require some more potions of white roses you may also want to know how to find the white roses in potions

The Talent Tree > the Green Section > 3 talents with the name Potion Brewing (each of these is x1 week-long White Rose Potion which is equal to 3)

There are certain white roses while you explore but they are very uncommon and unpredictably


2 Promoting an Squad

The page for the party or squad and hitting the promote button will display the entire promotion tree

3- Healing during battles

They will recover as battles continue However, you may also


  • Utilize healing substances such as water that is healing
  • Make use of both healing abilities to accelerate the healing process

Sands from Salzaar: A Guide and Wiki – Earn Money

1 Chief Quests

There’s a chief in every village and city and you can talk to them to begin their quests. If you’re in the business of cultivating cash, these are the best options:

  1. A Nobleman Ransom delivered to you > High Potential
  2. A Bandit Leader’s Group Fighting > Moderate Potential
  3. The Gathering of Runaway Villagers > Low-Performance
  4. The Transporting Mission > Very Low Probability
  5. Buying Resources for a Chief > Tiny Potential

2 – Trade Goods Between Cities

Sands of Salzaar will randomly reveal when items aren’t thriving in different regions. Make use of this clue to profit through trading


3 Killing Bandits to make money

While it’s not as lucrative in potential than the top chief quests and trading quests, you will also gain the benefit of experience, making it an intriguing method. If it’s helpful to get loots, they are dependent on the bandits

  • Bandits (2 Squads) = Utar 58 Utar
  • Desert Brotherhood (5 Squads) = 48 Utar
  • Desert Brotherhood (5 Squads) = 300 Utar
  • Caravan = 130 Utar
  • Alpine Guerilla (6 Squads) = 97 Utar

4- Character Errands

Individual characters from the Sands of Salzaar’s world be able to inquire of their fellow characters, “What can I do for you?” Their duties range between 200 and 600 Utar


5- Conquering cities – tax income

Make it happen once you’ve made some progress, since you could cause a stir among the factions. When you are able to, make use of the trade routes for caravans (they require the establishment of a trading post) to boost the amount of income.

6 Mint Talents

For 200 Utar every week, you can get two mint talent from your tree of talents


Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Repair Equipment

Three types of tools are readily available in Redstone Keep in Redstone Keep in Redstone, Mireton in Umbra Cliffs, and Frost Valley in Zagros Mountain, talk to the sellers

1 Basic Forge Tools

Basic Forge Tools can be used to fix (+ durability equals 50) equipment (item levels 1-7) Cost equals 50 Utar

2 Advanced Forge Tools


Advanced Forge Tools let you repair (+ durability) equipment (Up to Level 12) Cost equals 1000 Utar

3. Ultimate Forge Tools

Advanced Forge Tools let you repair (+++ toughness) equipment Cost = 200 Utar

Dakn Tournament Riddle Answers

  • Answer to Chicken Riddle > 10 Rabbits, 10 Chickens.
  • Silk Riddle Answer: 21 people
  • Statue Riddle Answer: 10 people

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – World Map

Click the map to zoom:

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – World Map

credits to the slythergames

Sands of Salzaar Guide and Wiki containing Tips and Tips and

  • Make yourself the hero of your life Select classes based on your playing way, you don’t need to be playing with the Necromancer There are other melee-focused classes.
  • Never die Turn permanent death and serious injury off
  • Make yourself nice and build friends Allies and being able to get along with NPCs are more effective rather than declaring war against everyone
  • Other than Bandits Take on them repeatedly to let you all by yourself
  • Complete characters first is a great way to level up and recruit new characters to take on difficulties that the plot presents to you.
  • Temporary permits are less expensive than permanent: Until you have plenty of cash left then you just need to purchase the temporary permits to trade at every trading point you visit
  • Play the game It will tell you the level you need to be at prior to exploring the dungeon, monster den or other area of trial
  • Travel, but with no effort Open the map, then Click on the Settlement Go there