Season A Letter To the Futures This trailer will be released

To be fair, the new state of play has been jam-packed. It includes details about Horizon: Call of the Mountain as well as the announcement of the remake of Evil 4. Fans were able to view new details about upcoming indie titles like Season: A Letter to the Future, even amid the obscenities of hit-and coming AAA titles. You can watch the video below.

Developer looks at the upcoming adventure season. A Letter to the Future appears to be one that is focused more on exploration. Players play the role of a woman who seeks to find the Season before the mysterious Cataclysm destroyed it. There are no-nonsense non-profits and a-sida-torture-segmenting decisions to decide on, and artifacts to collect, and more, as you explore this beautiful world with a trusty bicycle.

Season: A Letter to the Future launches this fall with a PC, PS4 and PS5 (via Steam and Epic Games Store).