Sentinels Replace SicK with Rawkus

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Sentinels The popular North American esports organization, announced an interim change to their Valorant team. Their coaches are Shane Rawkus Flaherty, will take over Hunter SicK Mims, who will be on a lengthy absence to attend to some family-related issues.

Rawkus will continue to be in action until the conclusion in the VCT North American Challengers two tournament.

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It’s not a secret that Sentinels struggled in the two Champions Tour season and still were unable to fully recover. They changed from being the best Valorant group in world history in 2021, to becoming the middle aged Valorant team. Although they’re quite strong however, their current performance isn’t what they used to be. What’s the reason?

Certain, Sentinels won’t dominate the North American region and the global LAN events.

They’re the exact same team which is a problem in and of itself. While other teams have improved in the last season, Sentinels remained in the same place. They always had a good record however their competition was not as strong as they are now. Therefore, they are looking for an opportunity to take on their competition. They’re just looking at the walls, not rushing through competitions and collecting trophies similar to that.

In addition, it’s likely that they are not motivated. They destroyed their way through the NA region once, and earned many rewards but and then just stopped paying attention. It could be that. In the end, no one did anything to stop the team until around 2021. Even if a team is facing no major challenge then they begin to lose focus and begin to lose their focus.

Long waits and TenZ becoming sick were two unfortunate circumstances that helped TenZ from their participation in the Valorant Champions Tour. They’ll continue to play and contribute all their own money, but the chances of surviving and getting any real improvements in the current tournament are slim .


The team has to play the last two matches that make up the 2 group stage, without Sick as well, which is going to be a challenge. They’re currently 0-3 in the group stage, and the loss of one more game could result in their being eliminated. Even winning both the games, there’s no assurance that they’ll be able to pass. One of the worst scenarios could be Sentinels which was a team that once dominating the region, finishes in the first round with five straight defeats. That’s a true tragedy.

SicK will not be leaving forever but he’s not completely off the mark. There are a few families to think about and Sentinels are there to support him completely.

Hunter SicK Mims will take an extended leave to allow the family a constant interest. SicK is already full during the midst of a difficult period. Coach Rawkus will be a substitute for all the Challengers.

The Sentinels will face FaZe on the 4th of June. Don’t miss this match and watch him play with excitement. SicK will not be in attendance however, you’ll have the chance to witness Rawkus as a coach for the team performing.