She Will Punish Them Best Mods (2022)

She’ll Hit Them with the Top Mods BepInEx, Tattoos, Shared Experience Cheat Menu Megamorph Free Pose Auto Pickup Hair, Eyes, and much more


She Will Punish Them Best Mods – BepInEx Mod Manager Mod

Mods for BepInEx are displayed in the mod manager of the game and allow you to disable or enable or check for updates and access Mod’s Nexus page to see compatible mods.

The mod will check for updates every time the game starts . It displays an indicator on the Mod Manager button – yellow when it’s looking for updates while green indicates there aren’t any, and red when there are updates.

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Configuration Manager Mod

You can change the settings for BepInEx mods in real-time in game

To launch the manager, hit F1 as the key (default F1). Additional features in comparison to. the previous version includes:


  • Color customization
  • Window with movable design
  • Disk
  • Reset all settings to default by pressing this button
  • Text boxes to set text settings
  • Text label customization
  • Close the window using a hotkey

Download Configuration Manager Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Custom Tattoos Mod

It allows for Leg, Arm as well as Face, Body and Womb tattoos with elements to be used as an opportunity to add custom tattoos. There are currently none of the standard tattoos of any kind, with the exception for one tattoo of the womb. You’ll either have to design the custom designs yourself or purchase a content pack.

Download Custom Tattoos Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Shared Experience Mod

The satisfaction of defeating monsters can be shared by the players in a proportional way.

Change what the parameter is called. There is no hotkey to shut down the MOD. It is only possible to modify your value for Enabled by using the manager or the configuration file. The shortcut key is CTRL+S to set the KeepKillerExp. When it is activated the killer’s experience won’t change, but teammates will also gain experiences. If it is disabled the experience of the killer will diminish the amount of the teammates’ gains.


Download Shared Experience Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Cheat Menu Mod

By default , the keys are set at F5 It is possible to change this setting in the configuration file. The menu allows you control over the commands below:

  • Kill All
  • Add 5000 exp
  • Add exp to the army
  • Self injury
  • Add 1,000,000 gold
  • Add 5,000 gold
  • Suicide
  • Add the 5,000 crystals
  • Unlimited special attack
  • Win map
  • All clothes are available
  • Invincible all
  • Get all lingerie
  • All weapons are available.
  • Slow speed
  • Make sure you clear all of the locations

Download Cheat Menu Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Megamorph Mod

allows for individual scaling of every bone in the skeleton to produce unexpected results. Any body part can be scaled into any measurement. This allows for maximum the customization of characters.


Download Megamorph Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Enhanced Free Pose Mod

Enhances Free Pose. It includes several enhancements to Free Pose interface: adding more than four characters as well as setting companion expressions turning characters around Z and X axes, improved camera movement horizontally and horizontally without a camera distance limit and a fix-pose loading and saving.

Download Enhanced Free Pose Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Auto Pickup Mod

Crystals and gold can be put in the backpack. It can be put into the backpack in accordance with its rarity. item. When the backpack’s filled only crystals and gold are taken.


Download Auto Pickup Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Resurrection Spell Mod

You can cast spells to bring back your friends nearby. When casting the spell, press the key (default v). The spell is by default costing fifty mana for casting and also restores 20 percent of the health of the character depending on the level of skill. It is possible to alter these parameters in the configuration file.

Download Resurrection Spell Mod > Here

More Hair Colors Mod

This mod includes three sliders in the hair-color customization panel. These sliders allow you to fine-tune your character’s hair colour. For saving a brand new style simply press the + button next to each slider (that’s saving button). It is also possible to overwrite an existing custom colour on the color grid by pressing the switch keys (default left shift) and then clicking on the custom hair color icon.


Download More Hair Colors Mod > Here

More Skill Points Mod

It gives you and your group an increase in attribute points and skill as you level up, and increases the maximum amount of skill points per level at 10 default. The mod will add an additional attribute point, and two additional skill points per level, so you’ll have an overall total of 2 four instead of just 1 and 2.

Download More Skill Points Mod > Here

Custom Eyes Mod

Customized eye texture (requires BepInEx )


Download Custom Eyes Mod > Here