Shindo Life Eye Id Codes List

Shindo Live Eye ID Codes List – Find all available eyes and learn how to change them.


Shindo Life Eye Id Codes List – Best Eyes

These are the most beautiful eyes we’ve ever seen:

  • Golden Byakugan – 6422557744
  • Power Eyes- 7336333590
  • Blossom Eyes – 5889450377
  • Dark Void Eyes with Scar on Right Eye 7241436647
  • Six-Paths Tailed Beast Mode (6377049545)
  • Cursed Sharingan – 7257634921
  • Eterno 6245383920
  • Tribal Tattoo Eyes (6892176636)
  • Angry Red Tattoo Eyes- 1073513062
  • Custom Mangekyou, and Ketsuryugan 6027640237
  • Left Blinking Eye and Right Blue Flower Eye – 77385482
  • Yoriichi’s Mark in Left Eye 7695433083
  • Custom ak uma Eyes – 6576684381
  • Kawaii Eyes – 5873150930

There are many eyes. Check the next section to see them all.

Shindo Life Eye ID Codes List – How can I find more eyes?

These are the steps that will help you see new things.

  1. Enter “s” into the search box on the Roblox page
  2. There are many options available. Choose> Search “s”, Library. You are now in the library
  3. In the search box, type Shindo Life Eyes/Shido Life Eyes and then select “Decals” from the drop-down. Click on Search to continue.
  4. There are many eyes to choose from. Click on one you like.
  5. Once you ewn the page of the eyes you have chosen, you will see a url like this: If you are looking for the Golden Byakugan, the id of your URL is 6422557744.

How to change your eyes?

These are the steps that will change your eyes. However, you will need to use rell coins in order to complete them.

  1. Launch Shindo Life
  2. Go to the Character Customization Screen
  3. Tap the “+” button beside the eye color
  4. Enter the id for either one or both eyes. For example, if you wish to access the Golden Byakugan (6422557744), the id of that URL is the number.
  5. Click the Buy button. It’s not for free. You will need 3k Rell Coins. Check the codes to find out if you have Rell Coins.