Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List

Slime Isekai Memory Reroll Guide and Tier List – Protection & Battle Characters. This guide will show you how to reroll, what to aim for, and the Tier list (Target Characters ranked in Tier S+ to Tier C)

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List – Reroll Steps

These are the steps for rerolling a Protection Character (*):


  1. Your device can launch Slime Isekai Memories
  2. Complete the first stage in chapter 1. Read all of the dialogue with goblins. Build a Goblin’s House.
  3. Forced 10 Pull: Get gacha banner characters by using rewards.
  4. If you don’t love what you have: You can immediately quit the app
  5. Start Slime Isekai Memories once more. Click on the Menu button in the lower-left corner of your screen and then click on “Delete game data”.
  6. Select your language and click “YES” to confirm the Shorter Tutorial
  7. Accept all terms, and name your Chancellor (you have the option to change it later).
  8. Return to step 2.

(*) To reroll for a Battle Character you don’t need to go through step 2. However, any battle character can do it. Protection Characters are better. It is worth taking a bit more time to obtain it.

What should you aim for?

You may be most interested in a Protection Character. Any of them is infinitely more powerful than any battle characters. We explain which Protection Character is best and if you prefer a Battle Character we tell you which ones are the best.

Protection Characters

Anybody can do it, but VeldoraTempst: Storm Dragon is the best.

  • Veldora Tempest Storm Dragon (wind), – The Best
  • Elemental Colossus: Golem (earth)
  • Orc Disaster: Starved (darkness)
  • Ifrit: The Burning Spirit (fire).
  • Charybdis: Swimming Calamity in Space
  • Milim Nava: Bellicose Dragoneye (water)
  • Ramiris: Fairy from the Labyrinth (light).

Battle Characters


Anyone can do it, but Hakurou – Instructor of the Flashing Sword & Milim Nava – Dragon Majin are exceptional for their high offensive power.

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

Protection Tier List

  • S+ Tier: Milim Nava (Bellicose Dragoneye), Elemental Colossus (Golem)
  • S Tier: Ramiris, Fairy of the Labyrinth, Ifrit (Burning Spirit), Charybdis(Swimming Calamity), VeldoraTempest (Storm Dragon), Orc Disasters (Starved).
  • Tiers: Salamander (The Flame Master), Fuze, Guildmaster, Sky Dragon (Soaring Dragon Calamity).
  • B Tier: Light Spirit, (Heroic Conductor), Vesta [Seeker], Gard Mjolmire (“The Competent Merchant”), Kaijin (“The Forge Artisan”) Garm (The Armor Artisan), VeldoraTempst (Proud Kin of Dragons), Gobuichi (“The Hobgoblin Chief”)
  • C Tier: Dord, The Skilled Artisan, Butterflies of the Night (Bewitching Shopkeeper), Myrd, The Construction Artisan, Haruna (The Affectionate Hobgoblin).

Battle Tier List

  • S+ Tier: Treyni, (Budding of Deep Green), RimuruTempst (Harmonizer of Monsters & Humans).
  • S Tier: Beretta, Rimuru Tempest, Chancellor of Tempest Shizue (Conqueror of Flames), Shizue (“Conqueror of Flames”) Souei (“Spy in Shadows”) Shuna (“Holy Princess”)
  • A Tier: Ranga, Hakurou (Instructor of Flashing Sword), Milim Nava (Dragon Majin), Tryna (“Summer Breeze of Benevolence”), Shion (“Ardent Attendant”), Gabiru („Waving Spear”)
  • B Tier: Rimuru Tempest (Swordsmanship Forge), Chloe Aubert (Lovely Innocence), Benimaru (Valiant Kijin), Rimuru Tempest (Reincarnated), Yuuki Kagurazaka (Grandmaster), Phobio (Leopard Fang), Gobta (Hobgoblin Ascendant), Souei (Blue Gale), Shuna (Pink Ogre Princess), Ranga (Loyal Wolf), Hakurou (White Slash), Kurobe (Steel Heart of Forge)
  • C Tier: Ryota Sugichi (Harmonizer Of Insanity and Calm), Shion, Rigurd (Hobgoblin Monarch), Gale Gibson(Earth Spirit Lodger), Alice Rondo (“Golem Master”), Kurobe (Immobile Black Ogre), Kenya Misaki [Heroio Vessel], Benimaru (“Next Clan Leader”), Souei “Instant Spy”)