SlutCraft Bonus Code

SlutCraft Bonus Code unlock the cheat menu, scenes and events by using the patron’s code. Plus, you can enjoy a wealth of additional special features and content


SlutCraft Bonus Code

This bonus number is 6844776


The code is a permanent one and never expires and you are able to make use of it at any time. It will grant you access to

  • Access to cheat menu
  • The ability to access future scene and other events

SlutCraft Bonus Coupon – How do I use it?

In the menu in the game, select Preference. There will be a menu and then locate that Bonus Code option and click on the green button that is next to it. The one that reads Activate. Copy the bonus code we’ve provided, and paste it into your new browser window. That’s it! You are now able to enjoy all the tricks available to Patrons.

Cheats in-game are active and you can begin playing or continue playing and you’ll be able to view the cheats. In order to unlock your gallery, you simply need to access into the gallery (from the main menu) and then click the Unlock All button.

About SlutCraft

It appears that Sarah Kerrigan was a loyal member of the Sons of Korhal and obeyed Arcturus Mengsk’s instructions to the last syllable, in the past. However, who would’ve believed that Mengsk would not have forgiven Sarah for the murder of her father.

Due to his betrayals and plots the operation, which was secretly carried out on Tarsonis, the capital city of the Confederation that was destined to be bloodshed and a status of ‘captive’ for Sarah herself. However, Sarah later found out it was simply another method to offer new opportunities. Chances to grow stronger. To get revenge. To enjoy a little pleasure…