Sonic fans are trying to revive the sport’s SatAM

Sonic fans will feel a lot of pain in the 1990s from the cancellation of Sonic the Hedgehog. This cartoon, which was named Sonic SatAM by the community, began in 1994. It ended in defeat to the third season. Although the third season did not make it into the mainstream, the dedicated Sonic fans attempted to keep the show alive almost thirty years later.


IGN interviewed Team Sea3on members about their efforts to bring back Sonic SatAM, and complete the canceled third season. Team Sea3on currently consists of different animators and artists. They plan to finish the season with Ben Hurst (a writer and story editor who has been writing for Sonic SatAM since 2010) and to continue their successful career.

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Although it might seem simple to dismiss this as a Sonic fan project, there is serious talent behind what seems like a very ambitious project. Ron Myrick, the director of Sonic SatAM’s second season, will be joining the board along with the band Crush 40. The group has composed solos for several Sonic projects.

Roswell also indicated that 50 people had volunteered their talents, including voice and animation. Although Team Sea3on shows that Sonic SatAM’s revival has yet to be completed, it hopes to draw a lot more attention and invite people into a studio that creates an animation room that can then be uploaded into the streaming service.

Sonic fans will need to wait for the launch of Sonic Frontiers. However, Sonic Frontiers is still expected to launch sometime this year. We are very happy to report that the trailer showed more detail about the game, including the Open Zone and the villains you would face.