Spiritfarer All Spirits

Spiritfarer All Spirits: Their Flowers, Houses, Location, Favorite Dish and More – Alice. Astrid. Atul. Beverly. Buck. Daria. Elena…


Spiritfarer All Spirits Alice

Alice: Everything you need to Know


  • Hedgehog Species
  • Mount Toroyama
  • Favorite Dish: Veggie-Pot Pie (Recipe = Flour + Mushroom or Veggie)
  • Liked Foods: Desserts & Old-fashioned Foods
  • Foods that you don’t like: Stimulants, exotics, acquired taste
  • Spirit House: Alice’s Cottage
  • Spirit Flower: Peace lily

Spiritfarer All Spirits- Astrid

Everything you need about Astrid

  • Species: Lynx
  • Location: Bottom Line Corp
  • Favorite Dish: Noodle Soup (Recipe = Rice Flour)
  • Liked Foods: Soups & Plain Foods
  • Disliked Foods: Fine dining and sugary foods
  • Spirit House: Astrid’s Bungalow
  • Mallow is the Spirit Flower

Spiritfarer All Spirits – Atul

All you need to know About Atul

  • Species: Frog
  • Location: Barkensheim Creek
  • Favorite Dish: Pork Chops. (Recipe = Pork).
  • All the Foods You Like
  • You don’t like food
  • Spirit House: Atul’s Workshop
  • Spirit Flower: While Lily

Spiritfarer All Spirits Beverly

Beverly: Everything you need to Know

  • Species: Tiny Owl
  • Oxbury
  • Favorite Dish: Laksa (Recipe = Pork)
  • Liked Foods: Exotic and Old-fashioned
  • Liked food: Aquired taste & stimulant
  • Spirit House: Beverly’s Farmhouse
  • Spirit Flower: Red anemone

Spiritfarer All Spirits – Bruce & Mickey

All you need to know about Bruce & Mickey

  • Hummingbird and bull
  • Southpoint Docks
  • Favorite Dish: Garlic bread (Recipe = Wheat Flour + Garlic).
  • Liked Food: Pub food
  • Disliked Foods: Only one ingredient and Allergic to crustacean
  • Spirit House: Bruce, Mickey’s Crib
  • Spirit Flower: Yellow Fennel

Spiritfarer All Spirits Buck

Buck: Everything you need to Know


  • Basilisk
  • Hikarishima Lighthouse
  • Favorite Dish: Tomato Pizza (Recipe = Wheat Flour + Tomato)
  • Liked Foods: Comfort food and old-fashioned food
  • Disliked Foods: Fruits & Lactose Intolerant
  • Spirit House: Buck’s Lair Of Wonders
  • Spirit Flower

Spiritfarer All Spirits Daria

Everything you need about Daria

  • Species: Bat
  • Location: Overbrook
  • Apple is my favorite dish
  • Liked Food: Fresh fruit
  • All other foods are acceptable
  • Spirit House
  • Spirit Flower: Saffron

Spiritfarer All Spirits Elena

All you need to know concerning Elena

  • Species: Dog
  • Crow’s End Inc.
  • Favorite Dish: Green Salad (Recipe = Leaf Veggie + Fat)
  • Liked Foods: Healthy and plain food
  • Disliked Food: Fine dining food, Meat & Fried food
  • Spirit House: Elena’s Cubicle
  • Spirit Flower Cypress

Spiritfarer All Spirits – Giovanni

Everything you need to learn about Giovanni

  • Species: Lion
  • Location: Loneberg
  • Favorite Dish: Beef fondue (Recipe = Beef + fat)
  • Liked Food: Fine dining dood & Stimulants
  • Foods with eggs and carbs are not liked
  • Spirit House
  • Borage: Spirit Flower

Spiritfarer All Spirits Gustav

Gustav: Everything you need to Know

  • Species: Owl
  • Furogawa
  • Favorite Dish: Surstromming. (Recipe = Herring).
  • Liked Foods: Exotic & Acquired Taste
  • Disliked food: Any fried or sugary food
  • Spirit House: Gustav’s Gallery
  • Red poppy is the spirit flower

Spiritfarer All Spirits Gwen

Gwen: Everything you need to know


  • Species: Deer
  • Alt Harbor
  • Favorite Dish: Black Coffee (Recipe = Coffee Beans).
  • Liked Food: Comfort food & Fine dining food
  • Foods that you don’t like: Anything with shellfish or fruit
  • Spirit House: Gwen’s Lodge
  • Asphodel Spirit Flower


Jackie: Everything you need to Know

  • Species: Hyena
  • Location: Overbrook
  • Favorite Dish: Chilaquiles
  • Liked Foods: Fried & meat food
  • What you don’t like about food: Healthy food
  • Spirit House: Jackie’s On Call Room
  • Spirit Flower: Red dahlia


Everything you need about Lily

  • Species: Butterflies
  • Stella’s Boat
  • Favorite: ? ?
  • Liked Food: ?
  • Foods you don’t like: ?
  • Spirit House: ?
  • Spirit Flower: ?


All you need to know regarding Stanley

  • Species: Mushroom
  • Location: Mystery Seed
  • Favorite Dish: French fries (Recipe = Fireglow and Corn Flour).
  • Liked Food: Breakfast & Dessert
  • Disliked Foods: Stimulants, Fruits, Veggies
  • Spirit House: Stanley’s Playroom
  • Mushroom Spirit Flower


All you need to know about Summer


  • Species: Snake
  • Hummingberg
  • Favorite Dish: Grain Salad. (Recipe = Fireglow and Corn Flour).
  • Liked Food: Salads & Dessert
  • Disliked Food: Non vegan food
  • Spirit House: Summer’s Sanctuary
  • Spirit Flower: Oxeye daisy