Unawake, a dark fantasy RPG, is launching on PC in late 2023

Unawake is an action-based and adventure-based role-playing game in which you have to determine your fate for humanity in an epic battle between the creatures of Heaven as well as Hell. The game is developed by RealityArts Studio and Toplitz Productions, this game will be available on PC through Steam in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The official trailer to announce the game features amazing graphics, terrifying creatures, and first-person battle gameplay.

In Unawake an archaeological find at the site of an ancient city is more than historic value and artifacts. What nobody anticipated to find was that this particular location was hiding a hidden truth that could trigger a devastating force upon humanity.

You will be playing an individual character whose job it is to go into underground structures that have been discovered. As you go down the underground network it becomes apparent that there’s much more to the universe than you could imagine.

The deeper into the world you go, you’re inch closer to the madness. As you discover the truth about the world the way you see reality and your perceptions will never be the same again.

The players will be able to experience intense first-person melee battles in breathtakingly constructed environments as they battle unimaginable creatures that have no chance and a variety of weapons.

The main aspects of Unawake are:

  • Amazing and surreal images were made in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Quick combat and strategic first-person battle. There will never be identical, and you’ll need to adjust to different opponents.
  • A rich story that unfolds through this epic dark tale that combines history, science fiction, and the dark side of fantasy to create an absorbing dystopian adventure.
  • Progression based on skill and character When you level up your character, you’ll be able to develop new abilities and then use them against your foes.
  • There are more than 20 different skills available, allowing you to alter the gameplay of the game to fit your preferences in gameplay.
  • Variation in weapons and the ability to customize Use anything from bows and swords to kill your foes. You can also alter them to gain an advantage via buffs or effects.