Steelrising: preorder for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S available and the Bastille Edition is unveiled also

Steelrising will be selling both a digital and physical pre-order. Every player who orders through you will get an alternate package for Aegis / Protagonist to a new member on the reordering team. Also, they will have exclusive access the Beta which will be released on August 25, 2022. A Bastille edition will also include the Secrets of Kagliostro DLC. This is expected to be available in November. You will be kept busy for hours by a strange mission, which the king has hidden. This dark adventure will lead you to new enemies, unlock new weapons, and new costumes. The ultimate goal of this adventure is to discover the secret behind Louis XVI’s Automatons.

Steelrising’s Bastille Edition is a by-product.

The game description is found in the title game. It describes the year of “Yahn 1789” and the beginning of fall of the monarchy. Steelrising is a new story. What would happen if King Louis XVI was passionate about watchmaking and had an army made up of Automatons to forgive the insurrection? Although the army is strong and brutish, it does not give up on anyone and punishes rebels with a brutal retribution. Paris is on fire. People who murder children, men and women are routinely executed.

Aegis is an automaton that was created to serve the pleasure of the courts. It is now a warrior and a corpse Mary Antoinettes. Aegis must be redeemed by the Queen and taken through Paris, where machines destroy their lives. All wars against enemies. mechanics can be a problem for players: this is how you pay for history’s change.