Stellaris Cheat Engine & Trainer

Stellaris Cheat Engine and Trainer – The ultimate trainer for getting Unlimited Unit HP with instant kill, max Relation Level Set Hegemony as well as more.


This Paradox Development Studio game does not include console commands or cheats within the game. If you are looking for cheats, you’ll need to resort to Cheat Engine, a trainer or mods. In this guide we’re going to give you the top cheating options currently available.


Stellaris Cheat Engine & Trainer – Best Cheat Engine

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The reality is that cheat engine, also known as a trainer, is extensive, and it has a lot of features, so we don’t think that you’ll be missing anything. Here you will be able to see how it can incorporate into your games:

  • God Mode
  • Set Unity
  • Set Influence
  • Fast Construction Recruiting
  • Set Energy Credits
  • Set Minerals
  • Freeze Day
  • Set Food
  • Set Alloys
  • Fast Research
  • Set Valatile Moles
  • Set Goods
  • Console & Dev Mode in Ironman
  • Set Exotic Gases
  • Set Zro
  • Fast Station Construction
  • Set Nanites
  • Set Rare Crystals
  • Unlimited Naval Capacity
  • Set Dark Matter
  • Set Living Metal

The official video from WeMod where the founders of Mods demonstrate how they do their work. We strongly recommend that you take a look to make the most of the instructional program.

Most of features of cheat engines can be activated or deactivated with the press of the button. However, it is important to note that just to the right of the place you can activate or deactivate, you can utilize keybinds and then bind each activation and deactivation actions to a specific number on your keyboard, making it simpler


How to Install the Trainer?

Here are the steps needed to install the trainer

  • In the previous section, you’ll find WeMod’s direct download links for WeMod
  • After you’ve downloaded the file, attempt to open it, then click Install Now

Compatibility WeMod Trainer or Mod is compatible with the following operating systems: WeMod Trainer or Mod is only available on Windows PC, you need Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7

About Stellaris

Explore and meet many species while exploring the stars. Build a galactic empire sending out science vessels to explore and survey and build stations around planets that have been discovered. Find hidden secrets and marvels of galactic origins while you determine the direction of your community, causing limitations and a new path for your exploration team. The alliances will develop and wars are declared.

As with all of the other Grand Strategy games, the adventure grows with the passage of the passage of time. Since free updates are a feature of every active Paradox game, you’ll be able to keep growing and expanding your empire by incorporating new technology and capabilities. What can you expect to find beyond the skies? Only you will know the answer.