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All valid Streaming Simulator Codes in one consolidated listing – Roblox Games with Insight Game You can redeem these codes to receive free laptops, laptops, and viewers as well as coins to climb the leaderboards, and eventually become the most popular streamer


Streaming Simulator Codes – Full List

Use these codes to redeem free laptops, viewers , and coins to be on the leaderboards and be the top streamer


Valid & Active Codes

These are the most valid codes.

  • 6klikes: Redeem code for Robzi Pet (New)
  • Robzi: Redeem code for Robzi Pet (New)
  • JeffBlox: Redeem code for JeffBlox Pet
  • Roblerom: Code redeemable for Roblerom Pet
  • Kanshy: Redeem code for Kanshy Pet
  • CookieBoi: Redeem code for CookieBoi Pet
  • SmileFreddy Redeem code for a SmileFreddy Pet
  • Oyun Safi: Redeem code for Oyun Safi Pet
  • Creptiez: Redeem code for Creptiez Pet
  • ToadBoiGaming: Redeem code for ToadBoi Pet
  • CarbonMeisterPlays: Redeem code for Carbon Meister Pet
  • NEW Redeem code to redeem 1,000 Coins
  • RELEASE: Redeem code for 1,000 Coins
  • Next code is 5k likes when you reach 5k.

The codes will continue to be updated, so keep an eye out.

Streaming Simulator ROBLOX Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Insight Roblox
  • Twitter: @InsightRoblox
  • Youtube:
  • Roblox Group:!/about

Codes that are expired

These codes are no longer working:

Please leave us a note in the event that you discover additional codes, so that we are able to keep our list current


Streaming Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

Launch the Streaming Simulator, click on the Twitter button (left right side on the right) Enter the code, then click GO to redeem your prizes. To avoid mistakes, it’s best to duplicate the code directly using our guide because we’ve already checked these codes.

Learn how the process of redeeming codes (video by youtube Dan from Gaming Dan)

How do I participate in Streaming Simulator? Roblox Game by Insight Game

Take a look and like the game. Join in the Group “Insight Game” to get an unbeatable pet


Like Goal = 2,500 Likes
New codes or updates at 2,500 likes
(Trading added at 6,000 liked!)

Welcome to Streaming Simulator!

How To Play:

  • Get a laptop, walk the stairs to an NPC and get viewers from them!
  • Make money selling your viewers or upgrade your computer at the shop!
  • Find new places to explore and earn more viewers!
  • Do your best to climb the leaderboards to become the best streamer!

Update Log!


  • New Forest Area
  • 3 New Laptops
  • Major Bug Fixes
  • City Area’s Cost Nerfed

Sign up to the Facebook group Insight Games to earn in-game rewards!

  • Special Chat Tag
  • Special Name Tag
  • Group Chest

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