Subway Midnight Endings – Good Ending & Secret Ending

Subway Midnight endings – Good Endings and Secret Endings – All the steps you need to unlock all the endings in the game


Subway Midnight Endings: Good Ending

This guide will help you solve all the puzzles that lead to the Good Ending.

Fishing Girl Puzzle

  • Grab the tackle box located near the subway turnstile (just before the start).
  • Go to the shark section and grab the fuse. Then, return to the lift and fall onto the platform. Talk to the girl.

Computer Girl puzzle:

  • Enter the black and white room, which has screens that show INPUT > Select all the blue symbols
  • Use the CD to Next Room.

Girl puzzle – Teddy Bear girl puzzle

  • Find the second 8x diamond door in Colin’s Game (square section that loops). There is a letter behind it.
  • 2nd Playthrough: Talk to the teddy Bear girl to get your teddy bear
  • 2nd Playthrough: Give your teddy bear the gamer girl

Painter Girl puzzle

  • The Rotating red room is the last section. Use one of the arrows two times to rotate the room. Next, pick up the red paint.
  • Yellow maze room: Follow the narrow path in the middle section to obtain the yellow paint
  • Orange room: Last section of memory tiles. Step on the tile above
  • Blue room: Unmissable (middle Path)
  • Green room: Take all the flowers to the front of the door
  • Violet Gallery room (pick up all flowers): Closest red, yellow, green and blue, purple, and red at the end

Benny puzzle


  • All the flowers from the Painter Girl section should be given to Benny

Girl and Dog Puzzle

  • After every door closes, pet the dog

Subway Midnight Endings – Secret Good Ending

Requires: Unlock Good Ending (Previous Section). > Exit the Game

You can achieve it by playing the game again. You will see that things have changed since the beginning. You can do the following to make sure you get the ending you want.

  1. You can start the game at midnight, in real-time. You can also change your computer’s time to 00:00
  2. Find the first room with outlets and plugs > Talk to the TV (with ghostly particles). > Approach Eleanor & Julia
  3. Reach the area where you usually meet Kiki > Interact (space key).

Subway Midnight Endings- A Bad Ending

You can’t complete the game the first time you play it.