Take-Two agrees with Sony that it’s not unreasonable to make a subscription to games on the first day

Recently, a number of game publishers have expressed their opinions on subscription services. These subscription games are very popular and players are keen to present certain aspects of them if they appear in the release.

Sony recently informed me that it was too risky to be accepted by the Playstation Plus. Take-Two seems to have the same opinion. Strauss Zelnick from Take-Two stated that it is not logical to add games to subscription services the day after they are released.

We have used several subscription services and liked them. We are concerned that older consoles may be sold by subscription.

It’s not clear what it is doing. According to the economies, consumers don’t believe they are willing to pay this price. We can’t afford to flip our business upside-down in a way that isn’t economically sound.

There should always be a balance between the desires of the consumer and the publisher’s capabilities. We don’t think it makes sense to do this with cutting-edge projects. Sony seems to agree with us in some way.

Zelnick said that Take-Two’s subscriptions have been a huge success and that there are potential benefits. He doesn’t rule out the possibility of changing his mind.

The company does not act on the opinions or suggestions of others. Should you support subscription services if it makes sense?

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