The first edition of The Last of Us is already out in a few hours

The company received a release and discovered that The Last Of Us part I is a remake of the original game by Sony. It will be available on the Xbox One, then on the PC. The game will also include a Firefly Edition special edition. This can be ordered via PlayStation Direct. We have to say that we were inspired, as the preorders sold out in a matter of hours.

As of today, the edition that is currently available on The Last of Us Part I Firefly Edition’s official website is no longer available.

The Last of Us: American Dreams 1 will be the first half of The Last of Us. It contains an exclusive Stellbook called The Last of Us: American Dreams 1. This Stellbook includes a new cover and unlocked elements.


The last of us parted I Firefly Edition.

PlayStation Direct will soon add new copies of The Last of Us Part I Firefly to its collection. I would be surprised if Sony achieved instant success, given that the company strives to increase its inventory.

We want to know if you would like this movie. Next is the screenshot for the trailer for the PS5 & PC.