The Future Games show featured a plethora of funny sim games

The Future Games Show is less formal than the Summer Games Fest or the Xbox Showcase. This year’s show was a great success. It is also a common-sense representation of a game, as the SGF. This was horror sci-fi at the SGF. The singular event that was the future game was it.

Last night’s show featured the Alaskan Truck Simulator as one of the first to see it. Brewmaster was born from the experiment. It is a beer-brewing simulator.

There were many sims available to him. They are all fairly self-explanatory and there is little chance that I will mistake one for another (remember, SGF). The most popular were Brewmaster and Potion Permit, with Alaskan Truck Sim coming in close behind.

Bright Memory Infinite was also announced in the trailer. Morbid Metal, a hack and slash roguelite that features sword-wielding robotics, was also revealed. Serial Cleaners is a stealthy game about cleaning up mob hit; Deadly Premonition 2 will be released.

Ukrainian players also had access to a special showcase. There were also games like “Mixed for Clef”, “Three Losses” (a puzzle game that is hard to drive), “Zono Losses”, and “Zono Losses”, which are inspired by the Russo-Ukrainian War); and Farlanders, which is a turn-based colony sim on Mars. Hey look!