The Library Story Password v0.97

The Library Story Password V0.97 – This is the patron’s code or password to get the starting bonus. The list has been updated with the last passwords.


The Library Story Password – Current Password

These are valid Passwords. Use them to get a bonus as a starter.


  • Time to Read
  • Second Forest Book

Although we aren’t sure which one is the last password, both work in the most recent version of the game.

Old Passwords

You may have to reset your passwords or codes if you’re using an older version of the game. Here are the passwords you can use.

  • Unreadbestseller
  • cloud library
  • Home reading
  • New book

How the Library Story Password works

Launch the game and you’ll see the Password button under the Start Game button. Enter the code, press enter and push it. If it works, you will get the benefits automatically.


The patron password system has been updated. Content opened using current passwords won’t be closed after updating to new passwords.

The Library Story Password – Cheats

The command console is currently inactive. However, you can still try it in the event of future updates activating it. The console opens with Shift+ o. If it doesn’t, it’s still disabled


These are the console commands available if you can open it.

store.Gaston.hunting = 200
store.Gaston.knowledge = 200 = 200
store.Belle.exz = 100
store.Belle.corruption = 200 = 9999
store.Gaston.hp = 5000
store.Belle.dominance = -45
store.Belle.ga_relations = 200
store.Belle.to_relations = 200

You can use different values for console commands to get more results. It is possible that new commands will be added if cheats are reactivated.