The Terminal List: First trailer for the action series starring Chris Pratt

Amazon Prime has released the first trailer for its upcoming action thriller series The Terminal List. Chris Pratt will star in the adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel. The preview coincides with the Amazon announcement of series production for July 1. On launch day, all eight episodes of the series will be available.

The Terminal List First trailer for the action series starring Chris Pratt

The Terminal List is the story of Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commandant James Reece who is captured while on a mission. The operation results in all soldiers being killed, even the rescue team. Only Reece survived. The soldier must witness the murders of his family members upon his return to the USA. He has to discover that it was not an attack from a foreign group. It was actually a group composed of conspirators whose members were at the top of the American government.

Antoine Fuqua will direct the series. He also directed the remake of The Magical Seven in 2016 with Chris Pratt. David DiGilio is the scriptwriter for the series pilot. According to the makers, they want scripts that are realistic and realistic. Half of the team is made up of veterans of war or those who are military veterans themselves.