The Lightyear cast and filmmakers take us inside Pixar’s new sci-fi adventure

Exclusive: Buzz’s big screen adventure with Buzz stars and directors, we discuss all things Lightyear

Izzy and Buzz have such a great relationship because they are at two different points in their lives. Palmer says that this is why she likes her character. Buzz is someone who has been a Space Ranger for a long time and has an expectation of what it means to be a hero. You have Izzy, who is trying to take the place of Buzz’s Space Ranger partner Alisha. She’s also trying to figure out her identity beyond what it means for her to be a hero according to her grandmother’s legacy. So they teach each other that being a leader and a hero can mean two things at different times. Being a team player and knowing when to admit that you make mistakes is a key part of this.

Darby Steel (Dale Soules), another member of the Junior Zap Patrol, is Darby Steel (Buzz), an elderly convict who has a mystery past and Buzz’s cute emotional support robot cat Sox. She will surely win the hearts of all those who watch the movie.

Taika Waititi plays Maurice “Mo”, a character whose commitment problems tie in nicely with the film’s main themes. Waititi, who is energetic, says that Mo, who was very similar to me in my early 20s was trying to find focus and just trying to navigate the world as we all did when we were younger. It’s only later in life, if you are a late bloomer (and I can relate to Mo), that you find your way. In many ways, Mo’s struggle is about having the courage to fail, to persevere until you succeed. It’s okay for mistakes to be made, it’s normal. One day it will happen.

Space Rangers

Buzz and his new friends are on a wonderfulal galactic mission to Lightyear. Although the movie deals with sci-fi concepts such as time dilation, interplanetary traveling, and AI technology you may be surprised to learn that some of it is very real. British astronaut Tim Peake has a cameo appearance in the UK version.

Peake said that there were many nuances to it. Peake said that the weightless environment was very well modelled. You get that feeling of “Yeah that’s how bodies move in weightlessness,” that feeling of pushing away and floating.

The humor in the film is rooted in some reality. Peake laughs, “And then there’s the comedic element space food, for instance, being completely boring and boring, this horrible slab meat that Buzz is eating,” Peake says. “And Sox, the Sox character. Sox is an emotional robot. That’s because we have an artificial intelligence robot on the Space Station called C.I.M.O.N. It is not Sox but it was amazing to see. C.I.M.O.N. (AKA Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) is more cat-shaped than head-shaped.

Diversity is another hallmark of sci-fi. Lightyear was expelled in multiple countries for a same-sex kiss with Alisha, her wife. Both Alisha as well as Izzy are prominent Black characters.

MacLane states, “It was always part the design.” It is interesting to reflect on it. I had always imagined the world to reflect our world but I wanted to ensure that there was diversity, mainly because that was what I was used too as a child. The movie is meant to be the ideal sci-fi universe, ideal sci fi film. The first sci-fi that I was most familiar with was Star Trek: The Original Series. It was very diverse at the time. In keeping with that theme, the movie showed a broad range of cast members.

Palmer and Waititi also hope for more diversity. Palmer states that Taika makes an excellent point about how it would be great to have less to do with these issues, where it is expected to see LGBTQ+ representation and where it’s common to see women in the power positions, specifically Black women in power. The cool thing about our movie, is that it is supposed to have been the movie that made Andy fall for Buzz. Toy Story had Buzz as his character, and that was the only person you knew. Now you see that all these faces and all these people who have been part of our world are prominent parts of the story we get to read. That’s the most important part. They’ve always been there.

…and beyond?

It’s not spoilerish to say that Lightyear ends on an optimistic note. (And make sure you watch the credits). Buzz and his crew won’t be returning anytime soon. MacLane laughs, “Well, I know the next step, but I don’t think I’ve told anyone. This is a lengthy process. “If we had to make another one, we would have 95 when we finished it.

Susman smiles and says, “When they are five and a-half years old, each film, you take deep breaths before you make any commitments on your next project.

We may never see Buzz again, but Lightyear will continue to entertain us with its friendship and eye-popping animation. All together now: To infinity…

Lightyear will be in theaters on June 17. To fill in your watchlist, you can check out our list of the top movies on Disney Plus. You can also catch up on the Toy Story movies via Disney Plus.