The Long Dark Achievements Guide

The Long Dark Achievements Guide: All achievements and trophies and how to obtain them. Includes guides for the most difficult.


The Long Dark Achievements Guide: General Achievements

  • The First of Many – Survive 1 Day in Survival Mode (Single).
  • You Did It!: Survive 10 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • Prepared for the SHTF! – Survive 50 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • Centurion – Survive for 100 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • The Will To Live: You can survive 500 days in Survival mode (Single).
  • Exploration game: Explore every interior location on both Mystery Lake (single-game) and Coastal Highway (single-game).
  • Waste Not, Want Not: Harvest 10 Complete Deer Carcasses (single game)
  • Night Walker – Survive an entire Night outside (single match)
  • Under a Starry Sky – Survive 3 Nights Outside (one game)
  • Silent Hunter – Survive the first 50 Days without firing the Rifle (single shot)
  • Pacifist – Survive the first 25 Days without killing any (single) game
  • This was THE Big! : Take a fish that is over 5kg (11 lbs)
  • Wrapped In Furs: You will be sleeping in a Bearskin Bedroll, wearing a Wolfskin Coat and Deerskin Boots.
  • Living off the Land: Live 25 days straight on calories from wild animals and plants (one game).
  • Natural Healer – Heal yourself with all kinds of natural medicines (one game).
  • Happy Harvester – Harvest 25 plants of each type (single game).
  • Stone Age Sniper : Use a rock to stun a rabbit from more than 25m (80ft) away.
  • Skilled Survival: Learn all the skills necessary to reach level 5 (single survival).
  • Face the Impossible – Survive one hour on Interloper difficulty.
  • Don’t Starve: Keep calorie store above zero for 10 days.
  • Faithful Chartographer: Map all locations in Survival Mode
  • Resolute Outfitter – Fill all clothing slots by 100% condition gear.
  • Penitent Scholar – Complete all Research Books.
  • Timberwolf – Mountain Climb to Timberwolf Mountain’s Top
  • Desolation – Point Craft a complete set of improvised tools.
  • Deep Forest – Keep a campfire blazing for three days.
  • Challenge Mastery: Complete every Challenge

Hidden Achievements – The Long Dark Achievements Guide

  • Start Your Journey. Escape the ravine following your crash.
  • Paradise Lost – Make your way to Milton.
  • The Long Winter – Prepare Grey Mother for Winter.
  • Losing A Child Is Like… Complete Lily’s Story.
  • Leave the Old World Behind. Complete Episode 1.
  • The Old Trapper – Bring Jeremiah back from the brink of death.
  • Lights in The Sky: Survived the first Aurora Event.
  • Graduation Day – Complete Jeremiah’s Survival School, and the Basics of Survival side missions.
  • Freight Train of Hate & Hunger – Kill the Old Bear.
  • She’ll be with Her Soon: Leave Mystery Lake. Watch Episode 2.
  • Too Big for Failure: Get all safety deposit boxes in Milton
  • Sounds like an Indie Band: Search all Forest Talker caches
  • Cache Mastery – Find hidden caches in Episode One & Episode Two
  • Community Service – Get to Thomson’s Crossing.
  • There will be Blood: Take down your first Timberwolf pack.
  • Save our Souls: Visit the Crash Site.
  • Hippocratic Obit: Save all three Survivors and stock up the Hall with supplies.
  • He Lives – Intercept the Radio transmission.
  • The Crossroads Elegy – Leave Pleasant Valley behind. Watch Episode 3.
  • Tall Tales – Explore all the local mysteries
  • Every Last: Search all Forest Talker notes
  • Welcome To the Sh#tshow – Find Medicine for Warden.
  • The New: Sabotage to the Locking Mechanism.
  • Something Smells: Find the Detonators
  • Enemy for Life: Mathis, turn the tables.
  • Leap Of Faith: Escape Blackrock, and Complete Episode Four
  • Black Black Heart Get all four bloody pages of the Blackrock Archives
  • Hard Times – Learn the truth behind all three Blackrock rumours.
  • No Half Measures: Discover the most recent Forest Talker Plans.

The Long Dark Achievements Guide: Game History

  • Two for Two – Survive for 2 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • Wolfbait – Survive 5 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • It’s getting cold out there: Survive for 15 days in Survival mode (Single).
  • Tough as Nails – Survive 20 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • You Prep The Preppers: Survive 30 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • Master Survival: Survive 40 Days in Survival Mode (Single).
  • One with Nature: Survive 200 days in Survival mode (Single).

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