The mother whose child was beaten at an international school turned out to be in showbiz

In the early dawn of May 28 on social media an image of a mother arriving at school to confront the school’s administration about her child’s alleged violence in the school caught the attention of the general public. Particularly the mother, Ms. Tran Ha Thuy said that her child as well as 3 classmates were violently influenced by a girl who was known as A. When parents brought it to the school, they could not find a solution.


The mother. Tran Ha Thuy is quite angry but retains a calm and collected attitude and uses English to talk to the school’s representative, who is foreign national. When watching the clip there were many comments that the mother’s position was unbiased, and she was hoping that the school would collaborate in resolving the issue and safeguard her child from violence at school. Particularly the case of the mother, Ms. Ha Thuy is fluent in English quite proficiently. Videos associated with the incident gained hundreds of thousands of clicks and search results within hours of being published.

The moment the incident sparked controversy, the internet community was quick to discover the mother’s identity of the video, who is a the famous singer Tran Ha Thuy known as Thuy Bi. Her birthplace was in an intelligent family in Hanoi where both parents were employed in medicine, however as a child she displayed an artistic talent. The family didn’t encourage her decision to pursue the career of singing, but they hoped for the best that Thuy Bi would concentrate on her studies and pursue a profession as a physician as her parents did or be employed in an office, leading an enviable life.


To satisfy her parents, Thuy Bi put aside her desire to be an artist and decided to learn abroad. Because she is always awed by art, she faces many difficulties and struggles, and she finds love to be a source of spiritual support. The love story she shared with her led to her becoming a tiny but unnoticed angel. Despite her boyfriend’s rejection and deciding to keep the baby and be an unmarried mother. To ensure that her children to enjoy the best education possible, Thuy Bi does not regret the hundreds of millions she spends annually to enable her children to go to international schools. At present, the issue is getting the attention of the general public.