The Planet Crafter – Butterflies and Other Insects

Insects in various forms

Insects can take on three varieties:

  • A larva: a long waggling thing
  • Chrysalis: long, slender thing that doesn’t wiggle and has a different color for every breed
  • A mature insect will see wings. The insect will be flying about or in an exhibit case.

It is not possible to see all insects observed in all forms during the game.


Where to locate them

Here’s how you can obtain each butterfly:

They can be incubated by larvae that you can find:

  • Incubate a common larva : Azurae, Empalio, Leani, Galaxe, Fensea, Abstreus
  • Incubate a rare adult: Bee, Silk Worm (not butterflies!)
  • Incubate a rare larva: Penga, Chevrone, Aemel, Liux

They can be seen as a chrysalis wild:


  • The stream is a source of mushroom: Futura
  • The winderness was found: Alben
  • It is located in The Sulfur areas: Nere
  • The waterfall is located near the site The waterfall is named Lorpen
  • It was found in another part of nature: Fiorente


As you build the quality of your Terraforming Index, Larvae get increasingly popular. If they’re extremely scarce for you, do not waste your time looking for them. Keep your focus on terraforming and in the next few minutes you’ll be tripping over them.

Wild larvae require a bit of time to produce. If you jet pack or run as fast as you can along a particular route, they will not show up in front of you. It is necessary to remain in a still position or walk slowly (no “shift” keys) for a couple of seconds before you see any.

If you’re trying incubating one particular butterfly, and find one you’ve got sufficient of it, then you could place the chrysalis into the recycler, and then get the larva, as well as all the other things the incubator requires. It is not always possible to get the exact caterpillar from the same larva. (Thanks to those who came up with the idea, even though I did not.)