The Quarry and High on Life were initially Stadia exclusives, but Google abandoned them

Supermassives The Quarry was released in the month of April and released by 2K. The Quarry and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roilands are High on Life and were revealed in an recent Xbox demonstration that they both were released to with Stadia exclusives.

Axios said that the games were specifically designed specifically for Google prior to the time that the company made the decision to reduce its gaming division – that forced them to search for a different publisher.

The project ran without issue, according to a spokesperson. Axios the Supermassive Games looked for a publishing partner.

Google announced the announcement of a game that was not announced that was developed through Until Dawn developer Supermassive in July 2020, however it never has been revealed.

In the past, Google decided to shut down its entire games development teams, so it’s best to focus on working on third party studios.

Numerous prominent layoffs were triggered by that decision. I was established in 1987 by the former Stadia Games director Jade Raymond, who left the company to create a new one called Haven which is currently controlled by PlayStation and has employed several ex- Stadia employees.

In the summer of last year, in an action that was filed between Epic as well as Apple, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said the Googles Stadia service had been substantially expanded as he believed.

Recently, Business Insider reported that Google has gradually taken the backseat on Stadia and is looking for innovative ways to incorporate streaming technology in different areas within its operations.