Tick Tock A tale for two Walkthrough – Chapter 1, 2 & 3

Tick Tock a tale for two Walkthrough: Chapter 1, 2, & 3. Complete the Prologue, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 (End), with our walkthroughs


The note from Amalie states that this clock was part of a game and was a gift I gave to my sister. Play with a friend to have a fighting chance. Tell each other what you see and read. Tell your sister that you miss her if you find her.

The 1st Half of the newspaper has another missing person. Laerke, the youngest member of the famed clockmaker family, was reported as missing yesterday. Amalie, her sister, told her that she last saw her at ten thirty.


You can also check out the pocket watch Amalie 1915

Player 2:

Amalie wrote a note saying: “I sent one clock to you, and one to your friend.” You can play a game together if you look back at the past. Keep the clocks running.


The 2nd section of the newspaper is kes Our Village. She was understandably distraught and corrected her statement later, stating that it had been an hour and a quarter later.

Contact: Please contact the police if you see or hear something unusual.

Also, check out the pocket watch: Laerke 1917-37


  • Clues Together: Another Disappearance Strikes Our Village
  • Time of disappearance: At first 10:30, then later at 12:00
  • Pocket watches: Move both hands to 13 or XII

Tick Tock A Tale for Two Walkthrough – Chapter 1.

Tick Tock a tale for two, Chapter 1 – Two-player co-op puzzle game in which each player has their own device and both players must communicate what they see. This walkthrough is by youtuber Nepheron.