Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide & Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Manual & Tier List – How to Reroll and what to aim for. Also, the Tier List (Target characters ranked from Tier A to Tier D).


Rerolling is a slow process. In addition to the tutorial, you will need to complete quests to earn Golden Nucleus. The gacha system is generous so even if they don’t give you the character you want, you can still get it later. We will not be explaining the steps for rerolling , but we do recommend that you do so.


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Tower of Fantasy Reroll List & Guide – Reroll Steps

These are the steps for rerolling:

  1. Register a New Account to Start the Prologue. Use an email address to register your account.
  2. Complete the Tutorial: series of tutorial quests in Aldia, given by Shirli. Skip cutscenes
  3. To unlock the Gacha System, go to Astra Omnium Tower to talk to the Scrapper. This will start the Ecological Station mission.
  4. Unlock the Main Continent. Talk to the Scrapper and start the Simulacra Mission. > Complete the chain questlines. > Unlock second map for +3 Golden Nucleus
  5. Rerolling for better pulls: Register and create an account and a character with a brand new email

FAQ – What should I aim for?

It’s not worth the effort

Gacha is a generous system in the game. We recommend that you do not waste your time with the Reroll. Below we will explain the best characters that you can get. However, this information is only for your reference. It will be easy to play these characters later. You don’t have to reroll.

Tower of Fantasy Reroll List & Tier List – Tier List

Tier S is the best option, as they are easy to obtain, but Tier A can be difficult to attain, though they are still quite good.


Tier S

Tier S is the most important character in the game. They are OP:

  • Samir
  • King
  • Tsubasa

Tier A

Tier A characters are very good, but not the best.

  • Meryl
  • Cocoritter

Tier B

Tier B is for average characters. Choose them if they appeal to you.

  • Shiro

Tier C

Tier C characters are lower than average, so if they’re used, it’s because you love them. :

  • Crow
  • Zero