TSMC to Expand Manufacturing Capacities to Enable 3D V-Cache AMD Processors

Technology is already within 5 nanometers in conjunction with Zen 4 architecture.

When AMD presented it’s Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor with an optional 3D V cache memory, it was viewed by many as that it was an exclusive model. At a conference with analysts AMD representatives stated that processors that have this memory will be included in Zen 4 architecture and among its competitors with Zen 5. ComputerBase.deTSMC is a major technology partner of AMD in this field.

Image Source: AMD.

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The company will greatly expand its capabilities to include Taiwans Zhongan in which 3D V cache memory chips can be found upon AMD processors. The switch to 5nm processing technology that is utilized to release AMD processors based on Zen 4 technology, Zen 4 architecture, is anticipated to occur. In the next generation of processors, AMD’s capabilities to utilize 3D V-Cache memory is expected to significantly increase, if not in the variety of models available or at least in terms of supply volume. This highly-automated TSMC facility will be launching additional lines in the second quarter of the year.