Turbo Golf Racing Review – Chaotic fun with frustrating controls

Turbo Golf Racing is a mixed bag of neat mechanics that sometimes don’t work. It is available today on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.


Turbo Golf Racing, the latest title by indie developers Hugecalf Studios, is based in the UK. Only two other games have been developed by the team, both of which were focused on snowy sport and benefited from the humor of ragdoll Physics. Turbo Golf Racing is just as chaotic but relies more heavily on the legitimate competition.

The game’s core concept and playful art design combine to create an unmistakable mix of Rocket League, miniature golf, and other forms of.

Turbo Golf Racing is a game where players drive giant golf balls through obstacles to get to the hole. There are three rounds, with 3 courses. The winner is the one who earns the most points.

The courses offer more chances for a comeback and are more tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Some sprints are shorter or longer, which can make them quite exciting.

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Turbo Golf Racing feels more like a Kart Game than Rocket League. The ultimate goal is to master each course and not develop sports strategies.

Players are taken through a tutorial that explains the basics of the game. This immediately reveals the most serious flaws in the game: its movement and ball control.

Regardless of the terrain, the movement is disappointing. Sand and grass can slow down your speed. Although this is a fun Kart Games mechanic, it feels frustrating because of the steering which is too slow or stuck. It is very similar to the Nickelodeon Kart Racers series.

Through the course, players can spend and build boosts. The physics of the game is a bit shaky at best and can be very unpredictable during the middle part. Although the golf ball has an arc that tells you where it is headed, the game moves too fast to use this feature.

Even worse, your golf ball may suddenly freeze in place if it is struck by something. It is easy to drive straight past the ball and it can be difficult to turn around. There are some courses that have downhill sections, so even if you miss your ball, there is almost no way to recover.

If your ball is close enough to the hole, there’s a gravity well that could trap it. It’s still possible for your ball to stop right beside the well. If you’re not careful, you might even be able to knock your ball out.

Because the ball bounces at different angles and there are many ramps that provide no barriers, it’s not difficult to knock your golfball out of bounds. Players can restart in this situation with the ball still ahead of them, but it’s a painful experience.

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You don’t have to be there if you are lucky enough and skilled enough to score. While you can observe your opponents’ struggles to catch up, more than one person will leave the game before the final round is complete if they are unable to earn enough points.

Players will ultimately need to know how to keep their eyes on the ball and make the most of each course. There are rockets that you can get and use to shoot at your opponents, as well as defensive pickups.

There are two main routes you can choose from. You can also try your hand on the side lanes. These are smooth, but the ball will bank-wide so you’ll need to bounce it back and forth between lanes in order to maintain your momentum.

There’s also the middle of the course. Here, the vast expanses of grass slow down you, but the glowing roads can speed you up. Although these paths are ideal, strange physics can lead to disaster. You end up pushing the ball towards the goal with every means possible.

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Equipment can give your vehicle a better chance of success, and gives you an advantage over players who have spent more time. You must complete specific tasks to unlock the Power Cores.

Both Active Power Cores and Passive Cores are available. The latter must be activated in-game. The “Magnet” Active Core is perhaps the most important core. It pulls the ball towards your vehicle when you are in a pinch. You must earn 30 purple stars in Solo mode to unlock the Magnet. This means that you have to complete all three Solo courses. It won’t take much gameplay.

There are only a few Quests you can complete for now. These Quests are updated daily and may require you to play multiple matches or take 1st place only a few times. These Quests can be completed to earn Gears, an in-game currency that can then be used in the Shop. Although it’s too simple, the general requirements are more important than any specifics.

Turbo Golf Racing offers many of the same options as Rocket League. You can customize your wheels, colors, spoilers, and avatar as well as your golf ball. You can spend 3,000 Gears right away to transform your ball into an MLB baseball. The majority of rewards come with a good sense of personality.

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Image: Hugecalf Studios / Try Hard Guides

You can also earn more Gears and cosmetics with the built-in season pass. Earning XP can help you climb the prize track. You can easily earn Badges and XP to unlock Gears and XP.

Badges are awarded to players after every match for heroic actions in-game. Since they offer different amounts of XP, it would be more convenient to have a list of Badges that players could check before each match.

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