Ultimo.gg signs a partnership with a football club

Ultimo.gg announced a partnership agreement with a football team. Ultimo.gg has signed a partnership with a football club. They will work together for two years to create a new team and host tournaments, boot camps, and other activities. Ben Husted, Chief Marketing Officer at Ultimos spoke to ESI about the partnership, platforms ideology and the plans for the future.

Ultimo.gg’s four-year journey has given them a unique mindset, and the courage to take action. The platform saw an immediate surge in users of more than 13,000 within the first month. BCFC has also signed a partnership agreement with the firm.

Husted stated that it is an official partnership between BCFC and they will offer a complete, panoramic offering. The partnership will see the club’s own team and training boot camps for the sector. It could also include sponsorship of a stadium stand. Husted stated that they were an absolute pleasure to work with.

They understand our vision and the direction we want to take. This was to become an extension of the club and give them activation opportunities outside of matchday. Husted stated that Birmingham was a collaborative club from the start and has taken on ideas.

He was pleased that the club would trust them. Husted said that they believe us to bring this about their community. We expected to be pushed back, but they were willing to do it.

Ultimo.gg’s COO Ben Husted believes there is a lot to be learned from those who aren’t gamers. Non-traditional fans can be part of a sports team, a community and that’s what they were trying build. BCFC allowed us to help nurture it.

There are many options. When it came time to set the goals, Husted felt confident that the club would be a major player in esports. He hopes to be a leader in the traditional sports sector.

It’s about world dominance for Ultimo. Husted spoke about the journey Ultimo.gg took and the goals the platform aspires to achieve. Husted described the firm’s shift in direction when Ultimo was a tournament hosting company.

Different communities existed in different countries. He explained that they switched to the digital side because they could do this. Tobias Gooden and William Henry, co-founders, set the team on the path to Ultimo.gg, which is a streaming and video sharing platform.

Nuvei’s and Ultimo’s experiences led to a new philosophy for the esports streaming and streaming industry. Husted saw that the entertainment industry was broken. Similar to other industries, the entertainment industry is dominated by the top 2 percent.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to earn. We do this through the Ultimo.gg platform. They were rewarding people for engaging in the community. There wasn’t any hidden payment gateways. There weren’t any 0 percent commissions on streams. And there was no unfavourable algorithm that required you to pay money or be a partner to get a few views.

Ultimo wants disrupt the video streaming market that is currently dominated twitch and YouTube. Husted doesn’t mind the enormity of the task. Husted believes that the platform can accomplish it.

Every game has its own mission and ethos. Husted stated that their ambition rings true, and that they can achieve it. Ben stated that they want to disrupt the industry, and believe they can do it.