Vampire Survivors Achievements

Vampire Survivors Achievements All achievements, the steps you can unlock them as well as tips to get them unlock and improve everything



Vampire Survivors Achievements – Full List

All of these are accomplishments and the methods you can unlock them


  • Wings: Reach Level 5
  • Crown: Reach Level 10
  • Hollow Heart: You can survive for 1 minute in any character
  • Runetracer to survive 5 minutes in Pasqualina (Check Characters)
  • Peachone: Last 10 minutes without characters
  • Arca: Get Fire Wand to Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Bracer: Get Holy Book To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Candelabrador: Get Holy Water To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Porta: Get Lightning Ring To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Duplicator: Get Magic Wand To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Ebony WIngs: Get Peachone To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Spellbinder: Get Runetracer To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Empty Tome: Have 6 Different Weapons (Check Weapons)
  • Fire Wand: Destroy 20 light sources
  • Garlic: Find 5 Pot Roasts
  • Clover: Find a Clover
  • Lancet: Find an Orologion
  • Cross: Find a Rosary
  • Lightning Ring: You can defeat a total of 5000 opponents
  • Mortaccio to defeat 3000 skeletons
  • Pentagram 20 minutes of survival with any character
  • Hyper Mad Forest Take on the massive Blue Venus in the Mad Forest
  • Poe Ratcho The goal is to get Garlic up to 7 levels (Check Weapons)
  • Hyper Inlaid Library: Defeat the Nesuferit in the Inlaid Library
  • Inlaid Library: Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest
  • Pummarola The game is about surviving 5 minutes of Gennaro (Check Characters)
  • Stone Mask: Find a Stone Mask (Check Stone Mask)
  • Bloody Tear The Whip can be evolved (Check evolutions)
  • Holy Wand: Develop to become the Magic Wand (Check evolutions)
  • Thousand Edge Then, evolve to the Knife (Check evolutions)
  • Death Spiral Evolution of the Axe (Check evolutions)
  • Heaven Sword: Enhance your Cross (Check evolutions)
  • The Unholy Vespers The King Bible is evolving. King Bible (Check evolutions)
  • Hellfire: Develop your Fire Wand (Check evolutions)
  • Soul Eater The Garlic: Evolution of into the Garlic (Check evolutions)
  • Vandalier: Unite Ebony Wings and Peachone (Check evolutions)


Nearly all achievement require the same be able to endure, evolve to unlock or increase the level of the character or weapon. Therefore, look up the guide you are interested in and you’ll get all the details you require

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