Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters Guide

Vampire Survival Guide to Unlock Characters – Requirements for unlocking all characters, increase increases, weapons that start as well as Secret Character


Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters – Requirements

They are all characters and the methods they can be unlocked:


  • Zi’Assunta Bessassoe: Locate her body and unzip her coffin inside the Cappella Magna (New)
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto You can get the Infinite Corridor
  • Divano Thelma: Get the Crimson Shroud
  • O’Sole Meeo: Kill 3000 Dragon Shrimps
  • Concetta Caciotta: Find her Coffin in the Gallo Tower. The coffin is in a room that is hidden, and can be accessed by a mirror that is located to the left of the tower. It is located near the coffin.
  • Giovanna Grana Find the remains of her Coffin within the Inlaid Library
  • Bianca Ramba: kills 3000 milk Elementals in one run
  • Pugnala Provala Finding and opening the coffin within the Mad Forest. The Milky Way Map, the coffin is marked with the symbol ‘?’
  • Christine Davain Pentagram leveling to level 7
  • Krochi Freetto by destroying 100,000 enemies in all of the runs
  • Poppea Pecorina: Find her and open the coffin inside the Dairy Plant. On the Milky Way Map, the coffin is marked with the symbol ‘?’
  • Yatta Cavallo Unlock him to kill three thousand Lion Heads in a single run
  • Krochi Freeto unlock him by using 950 Gold
  • Dommario earn 5000 coins in one run
  • Suor Clerici Recover up to 1,000 HP
  • Antonio: Starting Character
  • Imelda unlock her by putting 10 gold into her
  • Lama The ability to survive for 20 minutes of at-least 10 percent Curse active
  • Pasqualina Unlock her with 110 Gold
  • Gennaro Unlock him using 600 Gold
  • Arca She is unlockable by bringing an Fire Wand to level 4 Then, you can purchase her using an amount of 650 gold
  • Porta She can be unlocked by purchasing her Lightning Ring to level 4 Then, you can purchase her with 500 gold
  • Poe Poe: Unlock his powers by bringing the Garlic up to 7 levels, and then buying him with the help of 800 gold
  • Mortaccio: Take down 3000 skeletons

Secret Characters

  • Leda defeated at Gallo Tower, 32-40 tilesets down (New)
  • Toastie to defeat The Stalker or Drowner when Exdash is locked, press +Enter (New)
  • The Exdash Secret Character Quickly type “x-x1viiq” while in main menu.
  • MissingN Unlock him to kill death after 30 minutes of the game
  • Mask of the Red Death – Secret Character: killing death after 30 minutes of playing

Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters – Info

All the characters, their weapons of choice and increases0000

  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese: Her starting weapon is Vento Sacro
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto Their primary weapons will be Clock Lancet. Clock Lancet.
  • Divano Thelma The weapon they use to start will be Laurel.
  • O’Sole Meeo: Its weapon of choice is Celestial Dusting
  • Concetta Caciotta Her primary weapon are Shadow Pinion
  • Giovanna Gatti Her primary weapon are Gatti Amari.
  • Bianca Ramba: Her weapon of choice is Carrello.
  • Pugnala Provala Her weapons of choice include Phiera Der Tuphello along with The Eight The Sparrow.
  • Antonio The weapon he uses to start is the Whip.
    • Level 0-9 None of the levels will be awarded a bonus
    • Level 10-19: +10% Damage
    • 20-29 Level: +20% Damage
    • Level 30-39: +30% Damage
    • Level 40-49: +40% Damage
    • 50 Level: +50% Damage
  • Imelda Her weapon of choice is the Magic Wand. Magic Wand
    • Level 0-4 Bonus: None
    • Level 5-9: +10% Experience
    • 10-14 Level: +20% Experience
    • Level 15: +30% Experience
  • Pasqualina Her weapon of choice is the Runetracer.
    • Level 0-4 Bonus: None
    • Level 5-9: +10% projectile speed
    • 10-14 Level: +20% Projectile speed
    • Level 15: +30% Projectile Speed
  • Gennaro Gennaro primary weapon is the Knife
  • Arca Her weapon of choice includes the Fire Wand
    • Level 0-9 None of the levels will be awarded a bonus
    • Level 10-19: -5% Weapon Cooldown
    • 20-29 Level: -10% Weapon Cooldown
    • Level 30: -15% Weapon Cooldown
  • Porta Her weapon of choice includes the Lightning Ring
  • Poe Poe’s first weapon of choice will be Garlic. Garlic
  • Mortaccio The primary weapon of his arsenal is the bone. Bone
    • Level 0-19: There is no bonus
    • Level 20-39: +1 Extra projectiles
    • The 40 to 59 level: +2% More projectiles
    • At level 60, you can add 3 additional projectiles
  • Exdash: Secret Character His weapon of choice will be the Ebony Wings
  • Krochi Freeto His weapon of choice is the bone. Bone
    • Level 0-32: x1 Revive
    • Level 33: x2 Revive
  • Dommario The weapon he uses to start his journey includes the King Bible
    • +40 percent projectile speed, and 40 percent duration, but at the expense of the speed of movement being -40%.
  • Clerici The weapon he uses to start his arsenal is the Santa Water. Santa Water
    • +0.5 Regeneration and +30 Max Health
  • Yatta Cavallo His primary weapon is Cherry Bomb
  • Lama The weapon he uses to start his journey is Mana’s Song. Mana
  • Poppea Pecorina: The weapon he uses to start is an Axe
  • Christine Davain: Her weapon of choice includes that of the pentagram.
  • Krochi Freetto The primary weapon is Cross
  • Mask of Red Death His primary weapon is Death Spiral

Secret Character

Exdash is the one hidden character that can be found in the game. it’s almost like the size of an Easter Egg and is unlocked unlike other characters through entering the secret number in the main screen.

He isn’t that the character is great He has only one advantage, 100% Luck, however it’s a permanent benefit.

However, everything else is cut by a reduction in areas, max health length, duration, movespeed, and significantly reduced speed and it has an increased cooling time. It’s an obstacle to play this character, who despite the fact that it’s not revealed, could be the most difficult character in the game.