Voice of Cards Mysterious Cards Locations

Voice Of Cards Mysterious Locations – All the mysterious cards, where they are located and how to get them. Video guides for the most difficult

Voice of Cards Mysterious Locations – All

These are the cards that have been mysteriously hidden, along with their locations and how you can get them.


  • 1st Mysterious card 1 Nexton > Hobbled woman: Assist her at the Apothecary
  • 2nd Mysterious card 2: Thiceton> Bathing Man: Give The Antidote
  • 3rd Mysterious card 3: Woodland> Ridis’ Mother, Give a Salve
  • 4th Mysterious card 4: Woodland > Well Water fanatic: Give a salve
  • 5th Mysterious card 5 Unionville > Young Goblin – Douse the plant (Salve).
  • 6th Mysterious card 6: Shoreland> Troubled Homemaker: Give her medicine
  • 7th Mysterious card 7 Advent > Chest : Gilded Door
  • 8th Mysterious card 8 Village of the Sick > Raconteur – Listen to the story
  • 9th Mysterious card 9 Volcano > 2nd Floor Chest: Use a staircase starting on the 3rd floor
  • 10th Mysterious Card 10: Mausoleum > 3rd level chest: upper level staircase > west

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Voice of Cards: Mysterious Cards Locations Tutorials

We provide additional information about the most difficult to find.

Mysterious 4 Card Guide & Location

This video guide by Erzazem shows you where to find the Mysterious Card 4. Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars guides:

Mysterious 7 Card Guide & Location

To open the Gilded Door, you will need the magic key. You can get it at Chapter 5 > Eastern Peninsula > Musty tower > Chest. This video guide by Erzazem shows you where to find the Magical Key as well as the Mysterious Card 7 location. Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars guides:

To unlock x10 Trophies, find all the Mysterious Cards:

  • Kindhearted Adventurer: Obtained Mysterious card 1
  • Scrub, Obtained Mysterious 2
  • Devoted Daughter – Obtained Mysterious 3
  • Water from the Well: Obtained Mysterious 4
  • Beautiful Blossom – Obtained Mysterious card 5
  • Missing Medicine – Obtained Mysterious 6
  • Sealed Door – Obtained Mysterious 7
  • Enrossing Tale – Obtained Mysterious 8
  • Hellish Heat – Obtained Mysterious 9
  • Protected Treasure – Obtained Mysterious card 10