WarTales Cheats

WarTales Cheats: Movement, XP Crowns, Valour Armor, Valour, Health, Knowledge Skillpoints and Items – Best Trainer to cheat


Main features:

  • Set Motion (selected character)
  • No Movement
  • Add (selected character)
  • Add Crowns
  • Increase Influence
  • Set Valour
  • Set Armor (selected character)
  • No Armor (selected character)
  • Set Health (selected character)
  • Low Health (selected character)
  • Add Knowledge
  • Set Skillpoints (selected character)
  • Select Item up to 20 (open stock)
  • Increase Item Quantity on Pickup

We have left you with a trainer that you can use to get cheats instantly, even though console commands are not available.


PLATCH allows players to customize their gaming experience according to their preferences and tastes. This all-in-one program can unlock thousands upon thousands of skills, objects, and resources and reduce repetitive gaming. On the other hand it offers a training mode that can make certain game situations more difficult. https://www.plitch.com/en

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It’s been 100 years since the collapse of the Edoran Empire, the country’s once powerful ruler, was brought about by the unprecedented plague that decimated it. In the chaos and uncertainty that followed, mercenary work and banditry have been commonplaces across the country. Honor has long since been almost forgotten in the chaos and uncertainty.


Prepare to lead a group that revels in such activity in an open world where combat and death will define your daily life. You are not the only one, or the hero of a time in history who will usher in peace. Your only goal is to survive in this hostile and harsh world.

Only the most brave and ambitious can see their stories in the Wartales.