Western Digitals manufacturing powerhouses can be self-sustaining

Six years ago, Western Digital Corporation acquired the assets of the maker of solid-state memory SanDisk which was able to manufacture related chips with Toshiba and then transferred its business operations to Kioxia. WDC is evaluating under pressure from investors that it is possible to split the market using an approach that involves multiple systems and an enormous amount of storage space.

Images Sources: Western Digital Corporation.

According to Bloomberg who are the company’s representatives, the source of the concept was Elliott Investment Management, which has the support of a variety of institutional investors. Western Digitals Board of Directors was considering strategic alternatives for its most important departments because of their reasoning and, in conjunction with the development of the idea, it has become was a flood of money. Analysts have for a long time convinced WDC management that these two companies have more value than the services a company offers.

Elliott representatives said the fact that Western Digital is ready to choose a full separate market for flash memory, and investors could provide funding for the creation of an independent company without revealing the size of the investment. In 2023, investors are expecting the separation of solid assets will enable Western Digital to raise the stock price of the company to 100 instead of the current $60,32 USD. Since the beginning of this calendar year, it fallen by 7.5% in value in the last seven months, and it was announced that a recent restructuring process has increased the price to a centenary.


Elliott has a 6 percent share in WDC and is planning to fund its solid-state memory venturewith with a million dollars as well as finance the process of restructuring. According to investors, the business has a market capitalization of 17-20 billion dollars. It’s similar to Western Digital now. Negotiations with Elliot are being worked out as well as the WDC manager hasn’t been able to clarify what the strategy choice will be about. When it comes to public speaking, the decision to have a public discussion, both participants sign a confidentiality agreement.