Wizards debunk claims Explorer flopped on MTG Arena, promises format will get supported more over time

According to an official Reddit developer, Explorer’s introduction in the MTG arena did not shake up popular standings across formats. However, it is on target for its total players base.

In April, the Explorer model was introduced to MTG Arena players. It provides an everlasting format for MTG Arena players without digital-only cards or rebalance changes like Historic cards.

A Reddit third-party study found that the new format performed poorly in comparison to the Historic format. This was due to the absence of support.

WotC says Explorer numbers are exceeding projections.

Explorer is still more popular than Historic. WotC_Cromulous stated that Explorer is the smallest format despite it being very reasonable. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t make it possible. A pager-based content will be added to the game in the near future.

Explorer is a new format and it will take a long time for History to be what it is today. Historic took time to grow once it was given support. The team will soon support Explorer with format-specific content.

With the additions of Alchemy Horizons, Baldurs Gate, Historic Brawl, and Alchemy Horizons, the number of historical games players will increase. Standard will continue to be the most popular format in the MTG Arena.

WotC says Magic’s strength is its ability to play differently.