Wobbly Life Money Cheat

Wobbly Money Cheat – Do you want unlimited money for every character? This step-by-step guide will show you how.


Editing the save file is the most common way to cheat money in Wobbly Life. These are the steps:


Wobbly Money Cheat – Finding the Save File

These are the steps for finding the Save File option:

  1. Use Windows + R
  2. Enter appdata, then press enter
  3. Open the LocalLow folder
  4. Open the RubberBandGames Folder
  5. Next, open the Wobbly life folder
  6. Open the Save folder
  7. Now, open the folder containing your Steam Id (the one that has a lot number)
  8. Next, open the GameSaves folder

You will need to locate the save you wish to use to cheat the money. All of them are stored in SaveSlot_1 and SaveSlot_2 folders. You will need to find the Save Slot that interests or choose from. Once you are inside, you will need to enter each one individually in the Save File of the Character that Interests You. They are all called PlayerData_1.sav. PlayerData_2.sav. PlayerData_3.sav…

WobblyLife Money Cheat – Editing the Save File

These are the steps for editing the Save File.

  1. Go to https://www.saveeditonline.com/
  2. Drag and drop PlayerData_x.sav from your selection into the Upload Files section
  3. Find the value k__BackingField money:
  4. Click the green number at the right of the k__BackingField to change the value your current money
  5. Click OK
  6. Scroll down to download PlayerData_x.sav
  7. Drag and drop PlayerData_x.sav from the downloads folder into the same location as the one you used in the previous step.
  8. Replace the file
  9. Start the game and see how much you have earned


You can do the same cheat multiple times, so you basically get unlimited money

We don’t know if there are any limits to how much money you can make by using the cheat. It works with 25,000. If you are unable to enter a large number, you can try entering 25,000.


Although you can edit the saved file manually, we prefer the online editor.