World Flipper Reroll Guide & Tier List

World Flipper Tier List & Reroll Guide – How To Reroll, Reset The Game, What You Should Aim For, and the Tier List


You can delete your account if playing on the Japanese version. However, if you’re playing on the English version, you can check the next section for instructions on how to reroll or reset the game.


World Flipper Reroll Manual – Steps to Reroll

  1. Sign up as Guest at Launch World Flipper
  2. Follow the tutorial to claim the free summons or pre-registration reward
  3. To draw characters, use all 1,500 Lobestar Beads
  4. If you don’t love what you have
    1. Menu > Account Information > Log out from your guest account
      • Clear data from Android
      • iOS: Disable the game and reinstall
    2. Log in using a Facebook, Google, or Apple account you haven’t used yet
      • It is possible to redownload the patch file from the game, but it takes 2GB so it’s easier to do this if you have another Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Reset the game

As an alternative to rerolling, you can also reset the game. However, this will take up to 24 hours.

Menu > Account information > Unregister game > Unregister.

You should not attempt to connect to the same account after 24 hours, or you will be unable cancel the un-registration process. If you are willing to wait, you can connect with the same account again after 24 hours and then start over.

World Flipper Reroll Guide: What should you aim for?

While rerolling, make sure to check the entire Tier List:

  • S Tier: HNephtim, Sera, Baretta, Rolf, Shywe, CeltieRazeltVyronSha Susu (three-star)
  • A Tier: Olivia, Miguel, Kikuno, Metis, Cipher, Clarisse, Phiria
  • B Tier: Botan. Libram. Carla. Remnith. Barrek. Marina. Sonia. Noenne.
  • C Tier: Kokkoro, Tajes, NY Ellya, Cagliostro, Belsidia, Xmas Marianne
  • D Tier: Karyl, Selene, Murakumo, Inaho, Nephtim
  • E Tier: Pecorine, Mormia, Vagner, Suizen, Leon, Eclair, Xmas Soushiro, XInaho

Vyron, Celtie and Razelt are all five-star characters that the game has to offer (Tier S), which is the easiest to reroll. Be happy if you manage to get one of these characters.


These three five-star characters, along with Sha Susu (the best three-star character in this game), would make the ideal combination. You don’t have to complicate your life. With any one of these four characters you can begin playing and you will be a very competitive team.

About World Flipper

World Flipper is now active Get ready for the launch. Do not miss this EPIC pinball adventure!

  • Action RPG meets pinball: All the best parts of pinball in one action RPG! Pinball as you’ve never experienced it before!
  • Fast-paced Combat: Aim, aim, fire! Timing your attacks correctly will ensure that you crush your foes before their eyes even see what they are doing. To maximize damage, activate skills
  • Explore Fantasy Worlds: Discover multiple worlds with their own friends and mystery to solve!
  • Build your team and strategize: Units can join forces in World Flipper to combine their talents. You can unlock game-changing combo skills by finding the right duo.