Worldbox Achievements Guide

Worldbox Achievements guide – Maxim Karpenko’s game – Get all achievements (Free and Premium) with our guide.


Worldbox Achievements Guide – Without Premium

These are the Free Achievements, and how to unlock them


  • 10000 Creatures: Total of 10000 creatures
  • 1000 Bombs Drop 1000 Bombs of Any Type (bomb, napalm, atomic, antimatter, and Tsar Bomba).
  • Megapolis – One village can reach a population of 200 people or more
  • Lava strike – Use lightning power to strike lightning on a pool lava.
  • Search Wilhelm: Click the human figure at the title screen
  • Burger! – Click on the Burger figure on the settings page
  • Mayday – Use lightning power to strike lightning on a Robot Santa.
  • Smash WorldBox: Click on the WorldBox logo multiple time until all letters are gone, then click it again
  • World Builder: Click the “create new world” button and then click “create”.
  • Moisturize Me!: Create a Piranha on a Land Tile.
  • Sacrifice : Embrace a sheep on a lava tile.
  • Love: Use “printer – heart” power once. This is in the category “Other diverse powers”.
  • Do not try this at home: Heat ray power can be used on any TNT other that timed TNT.

Worldbox Achievements Guide – Require Premium

These are the Premium Achievements, and how to unlock them

  • Middle Earth: There is at least one village for humans, one village for elfs, and one village for orcs on the map.
  • Baby tornado – Use lightning power to strike lightning on a storm. Every strike breaks a tornado to two smaller tornados. Keep striking until the tornado is at its maximum size.
  • Ant world : This map contains at least 10 blue, 10 green, 10 black, and 10 red ants. They can be found in the upper right corner of the creatures category.
  • Last resort – Drop any nukes (atomic bomb, Tsar Bomba or Tsar Bomba), on a Grey Goo Tile.
  • Move it
  • The Pie To see the entire world list, scroll down to the bottom and tap the “Thanks for Playing!” Button. It will fall and become another button, which you can tap again. This changes to “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”, which you tap again to see a picture of a pumpkin pie and five living houses. Click on the pie to complete the achievement.


WorldBox is the ultimate god simulator and sandbox gaming experience. You can create your world, or you can destroy it with different powers. You can watch civilizations develop, create kingdoms, colonize new lands, and sail to distant continents. Empires will crumble, towns will rebel. You have the option to either help them or watch as they fight.

You can create your world, or you can destroy it with different powers.

  • God Simulator. You have many powers that you can use without resources or mana.
  • Living world. Each creature has its own traits and needs. Animals will search for food. Greedy kings will seek more lands.

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