Xiaomi POCO C40 will arrive on June 16th

Xiaomi’s own brand POCO is in the process of preparing its debut of a brand new smartphone worldwide. The new device is named POCO C40, which is designed for the entry-level segment. In a statement made on Twitter, the company announced the date for the event scheduled for the 16th of June.

The first step was initial of this kind take an announcement to the public. The specifications of the battery, its color and screen have become public in recent days.

Battery is among the initial aspect to be revealed by POCO. According to the company it is the most important feature to the brand new smartphone. For the sake of remembrance of this, it will feature an enormous battery of 6000 milliamps.

A power-cell phone POCO is rechargeable using a the power of a battery of 6000mAh. He has devoted his energy to everyday tasks, to playing and living to help eliminate the burden of worries.

In the near future it, shortly thereafter, C40 will be developed by POCO. The first stage toward making this dream an actual possibility. The yellow version of the sign has been displayed on the reverse of the sign by the company.

The screen displays all the latest information about POCO C40. POCO C40. According to the company it will feature the drop panel which measures 671 feet. It’s the longest drop for POCO.

Good parchments of all kinds should be following the upcoming release with a keen eye and be aware of the details in the near future.