Blizzard offering Diablo 4 beta access if you get a tattoo

Blizzard offers Beta access for Diablo 4, as well as a digital copy the game for free. The cost? Permanently etched upon your face. Branding in every senses terms.

It’s Blizzard’s Diablo Hell’s Ink event took place at Los Angeles on Saturday and will run until September 10th. In this period, players will be able to receive a complimentary Diablo tattoo while getting their beta access and digital copies of the game during the process.

The campaign will span eight cities throughout North America, Europe and Australia Each pop-up lasting only one day. The competition was held in June where fans had the chance to win a customized Diablo tattoo, however those who missed out on one of those could take part.

For UK enthusiasts Tattoo tours will stop at the London’s Noir Ink studio on 13th August, if that’s your interest.

The pre-designed Diablo 4 tattoos will be available on a first-come basis, first come basis and any person willing to “offers their flesh as tribute” will be awarded digital rewards.

If you’re looking for access to Diablo 4’s forthcoming Beta, here’s definitely an option to ensure your place. You can also join via the Blizzard launcher.

If waiting for Diablo 4 is painful for you then you can dive in Diablo Immortal Season 2 today.