Dark Souls Remastered – Easy Way to Get Reah’s Miracles

A secure and simple method of obtaining Reah’s magical abilities from Dark Souls Remastered.

If this is you then you did not just mess up Reah’s quest NG as well, but also in NG+. When you research the miracles you must obtain to achieve”all miracles “all miracles” achievement, you’ll discover three that are exclusive for Reah: Wrath of the Gods, Magic Barrier, and Great Heal. If you’re like me, you’re not the most perfect frame in the game and feel concerned about the pressure of making sure you can buy these miraculous items prior to the time that Petrus arrives and ruin your day. This article will explain the steps required to acquire Reah as a merchant in the Undead Parish, but without the pressure of being stuck on a timer that isn’t quite right (there are certain circumstances that Petrus can kill her, but this information appears to be inconsistent everywhere you go).


At the Firelink Shrine, you can purchase the entirety of Petrus’s miracles.

Continue to play the game as normal and aim at defeating Capra Demon. Capra Demon in Lower Burg.

Kill the Capra Demon.


Go back in time to Firelink Shrine, now Reah is there with her bodyguards, along with Petrus. Eliminate everyone’s dialogue.

After reloading your game (quitting out of the title screen before returning to the title screen) the gang should be out of the game. They’ve begun their adventure into the Catacombs.

Reload Firelink Shrine a few times; Petrus should appear back here to say that he’s lost Reah.


Kill Petrus immediately. If you kill him now, before you save Reah eliminates the chance of him later killing her.

Do battle in the Catacombs and take out Pinwheel. I would suggest you rest at the first bonfire of the Catacombs instead of the one right next towards Vamos the blacksmith. The journey back to Vamos and/or the Tomb of the Giants is irritating since you don’t have the Lordvessel yet.

Enter the Tomb of the Giants and be thrown into the pit by Patches. Help Reah from her 2 empty bodyguards. Talk to Reah and finish her dialogue. Note: If you intend to use a homeward bone to escape the Tomb of the Giants, promptly communicate with Reah and get it porting out as fast as you can, or you run the risk of bones that grow within the pit, inflicting harm on you and even killing Reah. It may be beneficial to explore the pit, killing them prior to talking to Reah.

Visit the Undead Church in which Reah is now merchant. There you can buy the magic items that you require to achieve your goal.

Relax and enjoy the fact that you are able to do whatever you want now without risking losing Reah as a merchant because Petrus was murdered long ago.

It’s a good idea to have an illumination source while in Tomb of the Giants, particularly in the pit, where you save Reah. If you’re NG+ or higher then you’re likely to are carrying an item like the Skull Lantern or the Sunlight Maggot. If not, ensure you get either (or the torch!) prior to taking down Capra, the Capra Demon which sets Reah’s quest in motion.