Elden Ring – Rivers of Blood Katana Location Guide

This guide will guide you to the exact location of The Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring.


This weapon is an ending game weapon that can be gained by taking out the bloody finger Okina in the Church of Repose, which is located on the top of the mountain of giants. You may have obtained the weapon already if have won the game, however, here’s a guide on how to obtain the weapon.

Here is an Very poor sketch that depicts The Path you would take to reach to the Rivers of Blood. The path begins once you have reached the lift and activate it to get to The Mountaintops of the Giants


You have to go towards Leyndell Royal Capital. Leyndell Royal Capitaland Defeat Morgott who is who is the Omen Kingand the Omen King. Melina will award you an Medallion for unlocking the lift. after that you return to my poor drawing.




Here is a Closer Look. This is The Church of Repose. To obtain the Katana you must defeat the bloody Finger Okina which will Invade the area once you are in The Church of Repose. After you’ve followed the path , you will be able to see a site of grace.

From the gracesite, continue to follow the pathway and keep on your left until you come to The Church of Repose and there is the Grace Site within the church. Bloody finger Okina will attack your presence and you could be killed and get your revenge in the Rivers of Blood.



You’ve got The Rivers of Blood Now …… at what price?