House Of The Dead Remake Cheats

House Of The Dead Remake Hacks – This page contains all the cheats and their requirements (achievements), as well as how to use them in-game


House Of The Dead Remake Hacks – Complete List

  • Unlocks Secret characters: Hold down L + R on the Character Select screen and then enter up, down X, Z, and Y.
  • High Score: Hold down L + R on the Pause Screen and then enter X.
  • Infinite Ammo – L, R. L. R. B. B. (Requires 8 Achievements)
  • One-Shot Kill: Left, up, right, down, B, B (Requires x16 Achievements)
  • Unlocks all Weapons: A A, B and B, LB, and RB (Requires 24 Achievements)
  • Unlimited Credits – up, up and up, R.B (Requires at least x32 Achievements).
  • Invincible: left, right, left, right, B, B (Requires x40 Achievements)

How to Use Cheats

Just go to the main menu, and then use the cheats we have given you from your controller.


House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Achievements

You can find all cheats here, as some require achievements

  • The House of the Dead = Get all the achievements from The House Of The Dead!
  • Agent = Beat any difficulty campaign
  • Blood Bath = Beat Campaign at ARCADE
  • Chariot = Beat Chariot at chapter’s end.
  • Hangedman = Beat Hangedman in the second chapter
  • Hermit = Beat Hermit at chapter’s end.
  • Magician = Beat Magician at chapter’s end
  • Normal ending = End the game with a score of less than 62,000 and a score that is not zero
  • True ending = Get a score of at least 62,000 to complete the game.
  • Third ending = End the game with a score of less than 62,000 and a score equal to or greater than the previous score.
  • zero
  • Ender = Explore all three endings.
  • Hero = Save a Scientist.
  • The campaign is called “Saviour”.
  • Murderer = Kill Scientist
  • Psychopath = Kill all Scientists in any Chapter
  • Traveler = Explore all possible paths in the game.
  • Secret Room = Go to level 4 and enter the secret room.
  • Collector = Collect all items within a single campaign
  • Catch’em All! =.Collect all entries from creatures.
  • Full Armory = All weapons in the game.
  • This is how it works! + Collect your first weapon.
  • Headhunter = 666 heads are needed!
  • Sadist = As much destruction as possible on the opponent’s body!
  • Triple-Kill! Kill 3 enemies at once
  • Penta-Kill! = Kill five enemies at once.
  • Butcher = Kill 666 enemy.
  • Grenadier = Kill 5 enemy at once
  • Dance Macabre = Put the nail in the head of your opponent with Pitter
  • Swifty = 50 shots to take out enemy projectiles
  • This time, not! = Complete a single chapter with no damage.
  • Invincible! = Complete the entire campaign without sustaining any damage.
  • Agent G = Complete the campaign with a friend!
  • Partner = Complete any chapter with the help of Player
  • Reinforcements! Allow Player 2 to join the game in the middle of a campaign.
  • Really? = You will lose all your credits and you will die.
  • Who let the dogs out? = Knockback the Kenfis
  • Ringo = To knock down an enemy as high possible
  • Finish level with no ammo waste = No need to reload the chamber.
  • Glass cleaner: Don’t damage any glass panels at level 2.
  • Deratization = Kill all in-game rats.
  • Unwinged = Kill all Hangedman’s Devilions