How to Make a Librarian Villager in Minecraft?

How to make a Minecraft Librarian Villager? How to create a librarian villager in Minecraft: Steps, recipes, requirements, strengths and common problems


They can provide access to bookcases and enchanted books as well as paper for emeralds. A good librarian inventory will allow you to have unlimited access to emeralds. Paper can also be made easily.


How to make a Minecraft Librarian Villager?

Three steps are required to become a librarian

  • Locate an unspecialized villager.
  • Make a Lectern.
  • Position the Lectern near the villager, and wait for the Librarian to appear.

As you can see, it is very simple. The only thing you might not know is how you make a lectern.

How to make a Lectern

Recipe for a Lectern: You’ll need wood slabs, a book and yourself.

  • 1st Column: 3 wood slabs
  • 2nd Column: A bookcase in the middle
  • 3rd Column: 3 Wooden Slabs

You may already know the ingredients. But just in case:

Wood slab recipe: = You will need matching planks


  • 1st column: empty
  • 2nd Column:
  • 3rd Column: x3 matching plansks

Book yourself Recipe: You will need planks and books

  • 1st Column: Any of the PLanks
  • 2nd Column: x3 Books
  • 3rd Column: x2 matching plansks + any plank

This was the most difficult part. But now you know everything you need to become a librarian. If you are having trouble getting it, we recommend that you continue to the next section.


Trades for enchanted books and clocks, compasses and name tags, as well as glass, ink sacs and lanterns and book and quills.

  • Novice:
    • Paper > Emerald
    • Emerald & Book > Enchanted Book
    • Emerald > Bookselft
  • Apprentice:
    • Book > Emerald
    • Emerald & Book > Enchanted Book
    • Lantern > Emerald
  • Joyrney Man
    • Ink Sac > Emerald
    • Emerald & Book > Enchanted Book
    • Emerald > Glass
  • Expert:
    • Book and Quill > Emerald
    • Emerald & Book > Enchanted Book
    • Clock > Emerald
    • Emerald > Compass
  • Master:
    • Name Tag for Emerald

Why can’t my villager become an author?

These are the top three reasons: They have been traded, they have chosen a new block at the construction site or they haven’t claimed a bed yet

To be able to switch jobs, ensure that your villager is able to meet the three requirements. If you are unable to get your villager to become a librarian, you can always try another.


Other Minecraft Professions include: Armorer and Butcher, Cartographer, Librarians, Farmers, Fisherman, Fletchers, Leatherworkers, Clerics, Masons, Shepherds, Toolsmiths, Weaponsmiths, and others