How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

Unlock all Jobs in Harvestella – Mage. Assault Savant. Sky lancer. Shadow Walker. Mechanic. Woglinde. Avenger. Pilgrim. Lunamancer. Fighter.


You can unlock most jobs by improving your relationship with a character. All you have to do is know who it is and where it is located. We will then show you.

How to Get All Jobs in Harvestella – Full List

These are the jobs available and the requirements to unlock them all:

  • Fighter – Available starting at the start
  • Mage – Unlocked after meeting the Unicorn (Location = Higan Canyon). To unlock it
  • Assault Savant – Increase your relationship with Aria in order to unlock it
  • Sky Lancer – Increase your relationship with Asyl (Location = Nemea Town). To unlock it
  • Shadow Walker – Increase your relationship with Istina (Location = Nemea Town). To unlock it
  • Mechanic to Increase Relationship with Heine (Location = Shatolla). To unlock it
  • Woglinde – Increase your relationship with Emo (Location = Shatolla). To unlock it
  • Avenger – Increase relationship with Brakka (Location = Holy Capital Argene). To unlock it
  • Pilgrim – Increase your relationship with Shrike (Location = Holy Capital Argene). To unlock it
  • Lunamancer – Increase your relationship with Dianthus in order to unlock it

What does each job do?

  • Fighter – Physical frontline with some ranged attack.
  • Mage – Long-range combat with Lightning and Ice
  • Sky Lancer – Physical AoE wind-based attacks
  • Shadow Walker Frontliner with dual blades
  • Assault Savant: Adds effects to your physical attacks.
  • Mechanic. Weaken enemies and physical attacks.
  • Woglinde: Support class
  • Avenger – A long-distanced class of physical attack
  • Pilgrim – Physical and magical attacks
  • Lunamancer: AoE magical damage.

How can you increase friendship?

You build a bond with each character when you get to know them. Your friendship with characters will grow stronger the more you interact with them.

It is crucial to increase your friendship because you will not only unlock romantic options but also unlock Jobs and Skills which will be very helpful for you in the game. You should interact with every character you encounter. If you’re interested in a particular job, however, then focus your attention on the character who, as we mentioned in the previous section unlocks that job.