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New texts are added to Pokemon Go Pokeminers



  • Capability to take a picture of the captured Pokemon and upload it to.

GO Fest Final Event Investigations

  • Find the Pokemon that has a common kind with the Buzzwole.
  • Catch Pokemon with 0 that share the same type with Buzzwole.
  • Take the Pokemon which shares a kind with Nihilego.
  • Find Pokemon with 0 which share a form with Nihilego.
  • Take the Pokemon that has a common kind with Pheromosa.
  • Catch Pokemon with the same type as Pheromosa.
  • Take the Pokemon that has a common form with Shaymin.
  • Find Pokemon with 0 that have a common type with Shaymin.
  • Take the Pokemon that has a common form with Xurkitree.
  • Take a look at 0 Pokemon that share a kind with Xurkitree.
  • Increase the power up to 0 for Bug-type Pokemon.
  • Up to 0 of power for poison-type Pokemon.
  • Up to 0 of power for the Rock-type Pokemon.

Willow as well as Rhi text of the GO Fest final event

  • There are numerous mentions of Solgaleo and Lunala There is no proof that they’ll be on hand at the time of the festival.

Complete details: PokeMiners

August & September Events

Throughout the entire Season of Go, we’ll be taking part in various events focusing on the latest updates to Pokemon Go, which will delight us. Make sure you write everything down! Bookmark our site as a favorite and check it out every now and then to keep up-to-date with all the latest events happening that are happening in Pokemon Go. Below is a list of the events. To learn more about them, click the hyperlink “click here” in the associated event.

  • Pokemon Go Fest Sapporo: 4-7 August
  • Bug Out! 10-16th August Information
  • Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day, info. August 13 > Zigzagoon de Galar > Linoone de Galar > Obstagoon
  • 2022 Pokemon World Championships event: 18-23 August
  • Pokemon GO Fest 2022: The closing date is 27 august
  • Field Research tasks and rewards More information

New text in Pokemon Go Pokeminers –Go Battle League

It’s in Pokemon Go, Go Battle League: Season 11 will begin on the 1st of June and last for three months (almost the entire summer), and will conclude on August 1st. More details.