Phasmophobia Muxic Box Locations

Phasmophobia Box Locations – All Music Boxes Spanws – Asylum Bleasdale School Edgefield Grafton Campsite Prison Ridgeview Tanglewood & Willow


Asylum for Phasmophobia: Locations of Phasmophobia’s Muxic Boxes

Asylum has x6 possible spawns


  • First Asylum Music Box Location: Enter the building > Go Right
  • 2nd Asylum Music Box Location: Enter the building. Go left (alongside the right wall at the corner).
  • 3rd Music Box Location: In the middle of lobby
  • 4th Asylum Music Box Location: Lobby > to right of the reception desk
  • 5th Asylum Music Box Location: Inside the dentist’s office (to the right from the lobby’s reception).
  • 6th Asylum Music Box Location: Office number 3 (to the left from the lobby).

Locations of Phasmophobia Muxic Boxes – Bleasdale

There are 7 possible spawns in Bleasdale

  • 1st Bleasdale location: 1st Floor > Northern part of the Living Room
  • 2nd Bleasdale Music Box Location: 1st Floor > Near the West Wall of the Office
  • 3rd Bleasdale location: 1st Floor > to the right from the door leading into the bathroom
  • 4th Bleasdale Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Girl’s Room (2nd Floor North)
  • 5th Bleasdale Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Boys’s Room (2nd South)
  • 6th Bleasdale Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > To the right of the door leading to the side bathroom (near the boy’s bedroom)
  • 7th Bleasdale Music Box Location: Northeastern Section of the Attic

Locations of Phasmophobia Muxic Boxes – School

There are x4 possible spawns at School

  • 1st school music box location : lobby halfway (along east wall).
  • 2nd school music box location. Follow the main corridor to your right (before the cafeteria).
  • 3rd school music box location : Same corridor, third door to the right
  • 4th school music box location. Turn left along the corridor and climb to the landing

Phasmophobia Box Locations – Edgefield

Edgefield has x5 possible spawns

  • 1st Edgefield location: 1st Floor > Near the North Wall of the Living Room
  • 2nd Edgefield Music Box Location: 1st Floor > Near the East Wall of the Garage
  • 3rd Edgefield location: 2nd Floor > Exit the stairs and turn left
  • 4th Edgefield Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Last Door on the Right > Orange Bedroom > North
  • 5th Edgefield location: 2nd Floor > Master Bedroom > Between the two doors

Phasmophobia Map Box Locations – grafton

Grafton has x6 possible spawns

  • 1st Grafton Music Box Location: 1st Floor > Area behind the stairs in foyer
  • 2nd Grafton Music Box Location: 1st Floor > in the middle the large living room
  • 3rd Grafton Music Box Location: 1st Floor > to the right side of the west window
  • 4th Grafton Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > after climbing the stairs to right
  • 5th Grafton Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Right of the Stairs > Bedroom > South Window
  • 6th Grafton Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > in the Nursery (left of the steps)

Locations of Phasmophobia Muxic Boxes – Campsite

There are 5 possible spawns at Campsite


  • 1st Campsite Music Box Location: Northwest corner of the women’s bathroom
  • 2nd Campsite Music Box Location: Central Path > Inside the Red Tent
  • 3rd Campsite Music Box Location: Path to the left > north from the firepit
  • 4th Campsite Music Box Location: Central Path to the Right > large storage tent
  • Location of 5th Campsite Music Box: Outside the cabin, near the picnic area

Phasmophobia Map Box Locations – Prison

There are x4 possible spawns at Prison

  • First Prison Music Box Location: In front of the entrance doors
  • 2nd Prison Music Box Location: Visitation Room (2nd door to the left).
  • 3rd Prison Music Box Location: Turn left after exiting into the main hallway (before visiting security).
  • 4th Prison Music Box Location: Turn right into the hallway > 1st Door on the right

Phasmophobia Box Locations – Ridgeview

There are 6 possible spawns at Ridgeview

  • 1st Ridgeview Music Box Location: In front of the entrance, near the right wall
  • 2nd Ridgeview Music Box Location: Left through the kitchen > small Utility Closet
  • 3rd Ridgeview Music Box Location: Garage > Northeast Corner
  • 4th Ridgeview Music Box Location: Kitchen > Basement > Going right after downstairs
  • 5th Ridgeview Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Second Door into the Girl’s Bedroom > Look Left
  • 6th Ridgeview Music Box Location: 2nd Floor > Boy’s Bedroom (end of the hallway).

Locations of Phasmophobia Muxic Boxes – Tanglewood

Tanglewood has x5 possible spawns

  • 1st Tanglewood location: 1st Floor > to the right of the main bathroom door
  • 2nd Tanglewood box location: 1st Floor > nursery > south wall
  • 3rd Tanglewood box location: 1st Floor > master bedroom (northern corner of the nursery).
  • 4th Tanglewood location: 1st Floor > Entrance Hall > Right > Dining Room West Wall
  • 5th Tanglewood Music Box Location: Garage > Southwest Corner

Locations of Phasmophobia Muxic Boxes – Willow

Willow has x5 possible spawns

  • 1st Willow Music Box Location: Left of the Entrance (inside).
  • 2nd Willow Music Box Location: Kitchen > Left > Garage (right side)
  • 3rd Will musicbox location: North of the Kitchen > in front the Window
  • 4th Willow Music Box Location: Left from Last > Master Bedroom > Southwest Corner
  • 5th Willowmusicbox location: Basement hallway > Near the north wall

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